Happy Friday! My sister, niece and nephew are coming into town for the weekend and we have a ton of fun stuff planned… including running the Goldy 10 Miler (not the kids). It’s supposed to be kinda rainy and gross on Sunday, so I hope the forecast looks up. 

Speaking of forecasts, my friends have officially banned me from looking at the Boston Marathon forecast. 😉 It’s only 10 days to go, and there are a few things that I need to figure out (some things weather dependent). 


1. What am I going to wear?


I feel like this is a loaded question because last time I ran Boston in 2015, I froze. It was about 42* and sideways rain, and I opted for shorts and a tank because I felt like I was going to warm up. Yep, that never happened. I am really worried about this happening again, so I’m currently considering all of the outfits. Right now, maybe capris and this tank


2. Should I carry water?

I’ve carried water for a few marathons, and it worked out well… it just gets really annoying once you hit miles 18/19 and you are tired of holding the thing after you’ve run out of water. I’m debating about carrying this one from Nathan and if I have to toss it at some point, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

The reason why I’m thinking about this is because the water stops get so crowded… and I kinda don’t want to deal with that. 


3. Would it help to have music the last hour? 

Mentally, I tend to fall apart the last 6-8 miles of the marathon (hi wall), and so I’m debating carrying these headphones with me and popping on a playlist to focus my mind elsewhere. The thing is, it sounds like a lot of work to suddenly put in some headphones around mile 20 and get the playlist going… plus, that’s my favorite part of the course because the crowd support is phenomenal, so I’m not sure I want to miss that. 


4. Where am I going to eat dinner?

Ledge Rock Grille | Crazy Running Girl

I recently changed my pre-race dinner… remember when it used to be Chipotle? #rideordie

Well I’ve learned over the years that it’s probably not the best option for a pre-race dinner (hi fiber). Now, I like to have a plain meat (like fish or chicken) with some simple potatoes and some bread. This pic is from Grandmas and it was PERFECT. I need to find a good restaurant for this in Boston… any recommendations? 🙂


5. Where am I going to celebrate?

YES, most important… hahah. This year, I’m flying out right after the race so I won’t be able to spend the entire night in Boston hanging out with everyone… BUT, I will get to go home and sleep in my own bed which I think sounds pretty awesome (especially since it doesn’t cost $300 a night to do so… 😉 ). I might end up celebrating at the airport, but we will see. 


Any help on these thoughts? 🙂 

Do you carry water with you for a race? How about listen to music? Why/why not? 


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