As my last training run for this year’s Boston Marathon, I signed up for the Goldy’s Run 10 Miler… I had a 12 on the calendar, and it made sense to just do it as a race + tack on two miles afterwards. My sister later made a decision to come visit, and she was able to register and we decided to run it together (she’s actually training for her second half marathon, and will share some thoughts on that later!). 

We didn’t do much pre-race prep, but we did make some arm warmers! I modified this, only cutting off the tip of the toe + adding in a little hole on the side for our thumbs. I got three pairs of socks for $8, and they were perfect since it was in the low 50s and a little chilly (but apparently, not as bad as last year since it was 30 degrees cooler… or so we heard in the port-a-pottie line).

For some reason, the train from downtown to campus was down this weekend for construction, so we had to drive… it was early in the morning, so traffic wasn’t bad until we got off 94, and then had to sit for about 20 minutes to get through to the parking lot (parking was $4, not bad).

Getting ready for the Goldys Run | Crazy Running Girl


We walked to the start, stretched and hung out and the race kicked off *almost* on time (seriously my biggest pet peeve)… we ran down University, hooked a left to run through campus and then hit East River Parkway.

Recapping the 2017 Goldys Run 10 Miler | Crazy Running Girl


My sister’s goal pace was around 10:15-10:45 and we (or I guess I) decided that we would push it a little harder closer to the end. It was perfect weather for a race (although I probably should’ve worn shorts) and we spent most of the run chatting and enjoying the views. As much as I love racing races, I also love running races like this —> with good company and catching up on everything and anything. There’s something about going for a run that takes the conversation a different way than if you were just sitting at home. 

We crossed over at Lake Street and hit West River Parkway. This is actually where I run every day, so I knew the area pretty well. They had us go out 1/2 mile and loop back, which was probably my least favorite part of the course (with all the roads in the city, you can’t find a way to avoid this?) and then we headed back towards campus. 

Recapping the 2017 Goldys Run 10 Miler | Crazy Running Girl


With about three miles to go, we hit my favorite downhill (because it lasts forever) and I got my sister to agree that after the next hill (last-ish one), we could start pushing the pace. We could see the 10:30 pacer in front of us and I knew that we could catch them. 

Recapping the 2017 Goldys Run 10 Miler | Crazy Running Girl


With about a mile and a half to go, I pushed her to about 10 minutes per mile and the pacer was SO close… so at mile 9, we kicked it into 9-9:30s and I’m surprised that she didn’t punch me (although if looks could kill…). 

The stadium was in sight when we finally passed the pacer… this was probably my favorite part! We got to run through the concourse, could hear the announcer, saw ourselves on the big screen and finally ran onto the field for the finish. I think we finished in about 1:43, just about two minutes off of a PR for my sister. 

Recapping the 2017 Goldys Run 10 Miler | Crazy Running Girl


My sister isn’t a Gopher fan so I don’t think she was as excited about this part as I was. 😉

Goldys Run finishers! | Crazy Running Girl


Overall, I thought it was a great race. I actually think I ran the 5k way back in the day when I was in college, but it definitely wasn’t an event to this magnitude so I love that’s a bigger deal. It felt like it was a kick-off for racing season in Minneapolis now that spring is finally here (or kinda, since it did snow last night). 


What you should know about Goldy’s Run 

—> Race registration opens pretty early for this because it’s part of the Minnesota Running Series, and when it does open, it’s pretty cheap which makes it super worth it. 

—> There are about 8,000 runners, but it didn’t feel like it was overly crowded, even being more towards the “middle” of the pack. 

—> East/West River Parkway are super hilly so be prepared for big inclines, a slow-grade incline and everything in between. 

—> In addition to the 10 miler, they also have a 5k and a kids’ race, which has to be super cute. 


Ever done a stadium run? What did you think? 

What’s your favorite race distance? I’m not sure how I feel about the 10 miler. 

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