People, we are just days away from the Boston Marathon! I don’t know how it sneaks up because you only spend the last four months training for it — eating, breathing and sleeping everything marathon — yet, whenever I get to a week before, I’m kinda stunned that it’s time for that day.

I know many people are already en route to Boston or leaving soon (I’ll be heading there Saturday!), so with that, some last-minute tips for Boston Marathon runners to help with packing and your expo experience. 

Grab a poster at the expo


Throughout the years, I haven’t kept mine do to moving and all that jazz, but every single year, they print a bunch of posters with a cool unicorn design that has every single registrant’s name printed into the design. It is the coolest thing and they even run out of these. Make sure you grab one! They are usually right be the entrance. 



…But don’t stick around for too long!


The expo is ginormous… probably the best race expo that I’ve ever been to (even better than NYC Marathon in my opinion). It’s tempting to spend all of the time walking the rows and checking everything out but don’t. Your legs will thank you on race day. 


Don’t post your bib on social media

It was a few years ago when there were a few people who took bibs they found on Instagram and actually copied them to make counterfeit bibs so they could run the race. The BAA takes things like this very seriously, and the runner who’s bib was copied was actually DQed from the race. I know it’s tempting, but don’t post your bib on social before the race… take the picture and post it later. To me, it’s not worth the risk. 


Bring throwaway gear for the village


Lots and lots of throwaway gear. You will basically be sitting in a field for a few hours before the race and it gets cold (which is a good thing, because that means good weather for a marathon!). Bring something to sit on (like an old mylar blanket from a previous race) and a few layers that you are okay with throwing out. You can check a bag, but you will also have a 15-20 minute walk to the start so if it’s chilly… you want to be bundled up!


Remember sunscreen!


This is the one thing I always seem to forget and I always have a nice sunburn on one half of my body, the half that faces the sun throughout the race. Even if it’s not going to be warm or if it’s going to be cloudy, make sure you wear some sunscreen because you will be out in the sun for a few hours (and for those of us in the northern states, this might be the first time we’ve actually seen sun in a long time). 


Watch your speed at the start


The first few miles of Boston are downhill so it’s SO tempting to fly… and everyone around you will be doing it! I mean, I should know because that has been my approach for the last four out of four times that I’ve run Boston. I think I’m finally smarter to try and sustain a pace a little slower than my target marathon pace. I know that it will pay off in later miles. 


Smile and enjoy your victory lap


For many runners, the Boston Marathon is the ultimate race. The race that they’ve worked for years to qualify and finally run. For others, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to run the course where all the previous marathon greats have had their hearts broken or their dreams turned into a reality. Whatever your reason for running the Boston Marathon, enjoy it. Smile. Take in the entire experience. It’s incredible. 

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What other advice would you have for Boston Marathon runners? 

Boston Marathon runners!! When are you getting in this year?? Where are you staying? 

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