I think one of the hardest things to deal with after a marathon is just the nothingness that you have after the race. For months, you’ve been training for ONE day. And in a matter of hours, it’s over. All the thinking, analyzing, running, training and everything in between that you’ve done, it’s just… gone. 

It’s dramatic to call it post-marathon depression, but I think it’s a thing. And this is usually the time where I start researching more races to add to my calendar… and make some bad (or maybe good?) decisions about filling up my race calendar. 

Anyways! I’m hoping I can at least slog through an easy run today. We’ll see how my legs feel after a day at work. 😉


Some favorite moments from the Boston Marathon

The 2017 Boston Marathon start line | Crazy Running Girl


Let’s get real: The Boston Marathon is pretty amazing and filled with some amazing stories. Here are a few of the best ones that I’ve read about the past few days (have more? share in the comments!):


Do you guys remember this song?

I guess you can call it a song… the Sunscreen Song! I was just talking to one of my friends about life, and this song immediately came to mind…  


Let’s get real: The video may be cheesy and it may feel like it really is from 1999, but the advice still holds true. 


I am so very sad… 


Last week, I got an email from the Brooks team saying that they are putting the Brooks Heritage Collection back in the vault! They will be around until this summer, so until then, it’s your chance to stock up!


Let’s get real: I may have one too many pairs in my closet… 😉 But! They are perfect for when you want to go casual and not sacrifice your comfort. I just added THESE most recently and can’t wait to rock them this summer. 

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