I can’t believe that it was only a week ago today when we were running the Boston Marathon!


It feels like it was forever ago… but of course, today’s weather would be great for a marathon in Boston (currently, 58*). 😉

So, last week was all about marathon recovery. I only ran one day — on Thursday — and I think it may have been a bad idea because my legs were not yet ready to tackle anything at that point. I squeaked out five miles and pretty sure every muscle was mad at the thought. 

I also used the week to catch up on everything that I missed while marathon training… sleep and some delicious food. I always feel like in the middle of training, you can never seem to find enough time to catch up on sleep and I usually feel like I’m walking around like a zombie. And, towards the end of training, I also get a little maniacal about what food I eat… so last week was about indulging, aka all the burgers (including trying the Jucy Lucy at Blue Door Pub –> the Blucy! So good). 


So what’s next? 

Marathon meme


Believe it or not, but I’m already technically training for Grandmas Marathon. The race is less than eight weeks away, and I’m doing a modified Pfitzinger plan to build up for the race. Ideally, I’m aiming for a PR but once again, I worry about the weather because it’s at the end of June (last year it was low 60s at the start, which isn’t ideal). 

Today kicks off the actually running part of this training plan… I’ll be running 10 miles and add in another double-digit run this weekend. I also have a half marathon coming up in a few weeks — the Door County Half — that I’m running with my sister and cousin for my sister’s birthday. I haven’t run a half since Vegas last November!

Plus, the part that I failed at for Boston Marathon training —> strength training. I miss having Orangetheory on my schedule, mostly because it forced me to actually do it and not just talk about it (seriously, it’s like 15 minutes a day, why is it so hard?).

Since there isn’t an Orangetheory close to my home/work up here, I doubt I’d add it back into my schedule because the time to travel there would just be insane. Instead, I’m thinking about ClassPass or 9Round… anyone have experience with either? Would love to hear your thoughts. 


How was your weekend? What do you include in your post-race recovery?

What’s your favorite way to get your strength training in? 

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