Earlier this week, I mentioned on Instagram and here that I’m already back in marathon training… I know, it’s only been a week and a half. Sometimes I have really smart ideas where I sign up for a lot of races, and then immediately live in a pool of regret as I realize that means that all the marathon training has to continue.

Not that I hate marathon training by any means because running is kinda my favorite, but, it’s not all sunshine and roses. When I first started running them 10 years ago (!!), I had no idea what I was getting myself into but thought that a few things were going to happen… because, all the running. However, Melissa and I were talking about a few things that marathon training should make easier… but don’t. 

Marathon training? You would think it would make these life things easier... | Crazy Running Girl


1. Climbing up stairs


Why, oh why, can I got out and run 20 miles straight during training and still get out of breath going up stairs? Is there ever going to be a cure for this? And, sorry to all the people on the phone that I assume that I’m over this and take you up the stairs with me just to try… nope. Never going to change. 


2. Losing weight

Originally I got into marathon training because I had a fear of gaining weight after getting out of college and living that office life. I figured it was a good way to stay active, push myself competitively and not have to worry about gaining weight. 

Well, not that I gained weight, but I definitely didn’t lose weight. I think it’s pretty hard to lose weight while marathon training given how much you need to fuel your body —> and sometimes salad just doesn’t cut it. 


3. Using your standing desk at work 

I love having a standing desk, but I find that during marathon training, I never use it. You would think that running 50+ miles a week would make it easier, but since my legs are always so exhausted from training, it sounds like the worst idea in the world. 


4. Fitting into jeans 

OK, so number 2 may not come true for everyone… but you would think with all the leg muscles that your quest for jeans would come a lot easier. Nope, nope and nope. I absolutely love jeans but it’s impossible to find any that actually fit with these quads of steel thanks to marathon training. 😉


5. Sleeping

 When I first started marathon training, I was exhausted all the time… so much so that naps were kinda my thing. But when you take a nap after a tough workout at 8 p.m. at night, going to bed a few hours later just isn’t possible.

I also have this issue where when my legs feel like they are dead tired, my body just hurts too much to sleep. So yes, sleeping should be easier thanks to marathon training, but sometimes I feel like that isn’t the case. 

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What do you think? Anything else you would add to this list that you would think marathon training would make easier? 

Why did you start running? 

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