Well, yesterday I was a complete space cadet and completely forgot about a blog post. So, sorry about that. Instead, a favorite pic from yesterdays runch: 

I am loving runches lately because they give me the perfect break from the day when I’m working from home (otherwise I swear I don’t move from my chair for hours). 


I’m sure you’ve read about it, but this weekend (tomorrow), Nike’s team will attempt to break two hours in the marathon.

This is absolutely INSANE and I’m so curious to see if it’s actually going to happen. So far, experts say that only one runner — Eliud Kipchoge — has a chance of doing it, and he’d have to shave nearly three minutes off his time. For us non-elite runners, that doesn’t sound so bad — but for these guys, that’s cutting an insane amount of time on an already fast pace.


OMG, I don’t really have much to say except for THIS IS AMAZING:

I love Amy Cragg and think she has such an amazing, both as a person and for the sport of running. She got the prize money from the 2014 Chicago Marathon, where, because of Rita Jeptoo’s DQ, she is now fourth place and won $5,000. 


I’m back in Wisconsin for the weekend to run a half marathon with my sister for her birthday. Afterwards, we are going to stop by this brewery and I’m super stoked. 

Tapuat Brewing Co | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, it’s a kombucha brewery! How awesome is that?! (In case you missed it, I shared my favorite kombuchas in THIS post a few months ago.)


Speaking of this weekend’s race! I am going to listen to music for the first time ever in a race… I know, who am I?! That being said, I need your music recommendations! I’ll be putting together my playlist tomorrow night –> so please send them along! 🙂


What are you up to this weekend? Do you think the sub-2 hour marathon will happen? 

Running with music: Yay or nay? Favorite song? 

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