It’s been awhile since I’ve hit up the Let’s Get Real series and I’m bringing it back this week —>


Would you sign up for this?

Racepass, a subscription service for runners | Crazy Running Girl


Yesterday I got an email from a new company called Racepass that’s offering a subscription model for distance races. You can sign up for different prices based on how many races you want to register for; and the top tier offers unlimited races for just $695 a year.

Given how expensive races are becoming (I swear you can’t spend less than $100 for a marathon now), it seems like a good deal if you do run a lot of races. They have 5,000 races on the list right now, but it worries me that they might not have some of the smaller races that I love.


I’m just going to put this out here:

Donald Trump thinks exercise is bad for you | Crazy Running Girl


Isn’t it great that he’s in charge of making decisions about the future of healthcare in America?


The sub-2 Hour Marathon

In case you missed it, Nike was so very close to having their team break the sub-two hour marathon mark with a finish in 2:00.25… absolutely INSANE. The average pace was 4:36 for over the course of 26.2 miles; can you imagine running that far at that pace? 

I have mixed feelings about this race and while yes, they ran an incredible race at an incredible pace, I do wish that they had the attempt at a marathon to truly bring in the elements that impact you during a race like this. I mean, I get it — the goal was to create perfect conditions to see if it could physically be done. I am really interested to see what happens next with this because you know it’s not a one and done attempt. 😉

There were some great articles that came out around it this week: 


What are your thoughts on the sub2 hour marathon now that it happened? 

Would you sign up for Racepass? Why or why not? 


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