Lately I’ve been spending a lot more time on building up these t-rex arms. 


Although I seriously doubted any progress that I was making the other day when I went to open a jar of salsa and it would not even budge. I think I spent seven minutes trying to get that thing to open… and finally had to use a knife to pop off the lid. Talk about making it feel like you have absolutely arm strength! 

Building your arm muscles are a necessity for runners… I subscribe to Jason Fitzgerald’s newsletter (if you don’t, I highly recommend) and his latest one had a great quote: if you aren’t strength training, you aren’t training.

It’s so very true… such an important part of a runner’s workout program (and this is something that has taken me a long time to realize because I generally get really lazy about anything that isn’t running). I think it’s also important to focus beyond the arms… your shoulders, core and yes, even your legs (which can be tricky when you are in the midst of training and have a lot of hard workouts). I also have started building in stabilizer exercises and I think it makes a huge difference for those times when my legs are dead tired towards the end of a workout.

Anyways, over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve found a couple arm exercises that I absolutely love and have made them into this an arm burnout workout that leaves my arms shaking for a few days afterwards (I told you they were weak). Out of this workout, I love push ups the most because you can modify them to be difficult no matter your level. Right now, I’m doing normal push ups but I would love to get back to a clap push up (I KNOW, how was I ever able to do this!?). 

So, here you go:

Arm burnout for runners | Crazy Running Girl


What are your favorite arm exercises? How many times do you strength train each week? 

Weekend plans! Who’s racing?


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