One of my favorite things about being back in the Midwest comes from being able to enjoy all the great things every day/weekend instead of having to fly up here to cram everything in. Case in point —> fishing! 

Bass fishing in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


This weekend was opening weekend for fishing in Minnesota, which is basically like a holiday. And on top of that, it was absolutely perfect weather. It makes me so excited for being up here for summer once again.

Minnesota lake views | Crazy Running Girl


I do not do well in the heat —> so Austin summers were no bueno for me. I know some people absolutely love this type weather, but it’s just not for me. I basically complained a lot and spent a lot of time inside, which felt so backwards to me after living in the Midwest for so long where summers were meant to spend 90% of your time outside.

So! I’m so excited to be back in a place where I can enjoy the sunshine and everything else that goes with it.

Speaking of sunshine and being outside, a recap of last week’s marathon training

Trail running in northern Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


I can’t believe that Grandmas Marathon is about 32 days away. How is it coming up so fast!? I feel a little detached from training right now, I’m not sure why, but I felt like my legs felt a little happier last week. I haven’t really had a good track record of running races close together and being able to run just as well at the second as the first, but this time I’d love to change it. 

I’ve also switched my running strategy a bit and am trying to do more runch/mid-afternoon runs, instead of just running in the morning. Grandmas Marathon got really hot towards the finish last year and I have a feeling that it might be the same this year, so trying to prep as much as possible.

That means yesterday’s 17 miler, I started running around 4 and completely blew up towards the end (mostly because I ran out of water + the water fountains were not turned on yet… rude)… I’m not sure if this helps me in the long run, either than just knowing what it feels like when I’m dehydrated?

Anyways, here’s the mileage breakdown: 

Mo: arm workout
Tu: easy 5 miles @ 9:42 per mile
We: 12 miles @ 8:52 per mile
Th: rest day
Fr: 4 miles, trail run
Sa: rest day
Su: 17 miles @ 10:06 per mile

TOTAL: 38 miles 


I’m headed to Vegas today for a work trip and the conference has a 5k on the Strip on Tuesday! Super excited to see how that goes… stay tuned for details on Instagram


When’s your favorite time of day to run? 

Do you like to fish? What was your best moment of your weekend? 

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