I’ve been in Vegas since Monday and I must admit that I have a little bit of Vegas fatigue. It’s definitely not my most favorite city in the world, but it can be a little fun. I did have a fun run yesterday where I ran to the Welcome to Vegas sign:

Running in Las Vegas | Crazy Running Girl


(Thank you to the random tour guide who took that baller picture!)

It’s so interesting with how, when you leave the Strip, the beautiful appearance of Vegas kinda fades away. As soon as I made it past this sign, the sidewalks disappeared and things didn’t look as appealing. 


Remember that Racepass thing?

Last week I talked about a new subscription, Racepass, for races. Since then, Derek at Marathon Investigation has published a few articles about them (read this one). Apparently, race directors were NOT aware that their races were being listed on this site, and some are pretty unhappy. 

Let’s get real: Buyer beware. I think it’s a cool idea, but sounds like it needs some work. Like I said last week, the biggest thing that turns me off is that you pay for a service and can’t guarantee that it has races in your area or that you like (especially if the list hasn’t been verified with race directors). 


So addicted

Reading Big Little Lies | Crazy Running Girl


I recently read “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty and was really meh about it. I didn’t realize that “Big Little Lies” (also a HBO show) was also written by her until I got the book from a friend, and at first was a little disappointed, but it’s SO GOOD. I’m about halfway through and just don’t want to put it down. 

Let’s get real: Read this. 


And so proud…


And America's fittest city is... | Crazy Running Girl


Go Minneapolis! Now that it’s getting warmer out, it’s one of my favorite things to hit up the trails… SO many people out. While I loved running Town Lake in Austin, I love that there are so many trail options in Minneapolis… whether you live downtown or in one of the suburbs. Are you ready to move here yet? 😉


Have you read/watched Big Little Lies? What did you think? 

What do you think about the Racepass drama? 

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