Happy happy Friday! Today I am on my way back to Minneapolis after a long week in Vegas and I’m so excited to say goodbye to the desert. 

So, because I’m headed back into crazy spring weather, I’m sharing my favorite spring running clothes and linking up with Rachel at Running on Happy


1. Go-to Running Capris

Loving these capris from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


I just got a pair of these Go-to Running Capris to try out from Brooks Running and I’m in love. They are definitely a lighter material, which means they are perfect for those warmer spring days when you aren’t quite ready to break out the shorts yet. I also got them in hot pink –> such a fun color! 


2. Jaquaro Jacket from Janji

Running in the rain? Check out this jacket from Janji | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve been a Janji Corps Ambassador for a few years now, and am absolutely obsessed with their clothes and also, their mission. I’ve had an earlier edition of the Jaquaro Jacket for over a year (durable) and I love it. I find that rain jackets make me so toasty because the fabric isn’t very breathable; and I find that this one takes the cake. Which is necessary since spring = rain. 


3. Headsweats Trucker Hats

Post Yassos | Crazy Running Girl


I absolutely love rocking these Headsweats Trucker Hats when it’s raining outside because it keeps the rain out of my eyes (otherwise it feels like my contacts are going to fall out). They’re also great for those windy days to keep your hair in place aka so it doesn’t whip you in the face. 😉 


4. Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves

Trying out some new compression sleeves from Zensah | Crazy Running Girl

I recently tried out these compression leg sleeves from Zensah, and I’m a fan. They are super light, comfortable and easy to put on (I like the socks, but after a long run, sometimes my foot arch cramps and makes it impossible to put them on). These will definitely be my go tos over the summer months too as I face more long runs for the Golden Ultra


5. Brooks Running Launch 4 Running Shoes

Top view of the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl

Alright, you all know that I’m a Glycerin girl but I’ve started to run in my Launch 4s more and more often. I love the fit of these shoes and how light they feel on my feet. As a solid heel striker, I’ve struggled with finding a pair of light shoes that give me the cushion that I need… and these fit the bill! I have a full review HERE if you’re interested. 


What spring running clothes are you loving?

Spring —> love it or hate it? What’s your favorite part of the season? 

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