I think it’s safe to say that summer running is just around the corner, and with that, so are warmer temperatures which can make running that much more challenging. I am so happy to be back in the Midwest because while it gets warm, it doesn’t get Texas warm. I still don’t know how I lived down there for three years and never melted. 😉

That being said, today I’m rounding up my favorite summer running resources to get you ready for the hot weather coming our way. If you are prepared, I think that running in the summer heat can prepare you to become a better, faster runner because heat training definitely forces your body to operate at better efficiency. 

Tips for surviving summer runs | Crazy Running Girl


Conquering dehydration while running

This just happened a few weeks ago… I ran out of water on the run and couldn’t find any water fountains that were turned on. Sharing some strategies on how you can keep going even when you desperately need some water. 


How to survive running in humidity

For me, there’s not much worse than running in humidity. Kills me every time. After living in Florida and Texas, I’ve definitely learned a few strategies that make me a better runner in it. 


8 essentials to survive summer running

Over the course of my running career, I’ve figured out a few things that help me get through those tough, hot runs a little bit more. I think I’m always adding to this list, but these are definitely my staples. 


5 reasons to run a summer 5k

I think summer is the perfect time of year to train and run a 5k! There are a ton on the calendar, first of all, and secondly, it’s much easier to train for a shorter distance like that than a marathon — plus, you stay in pretty solid shape in the process. Don’t believe me? Check out these five reasons. 


Running based on perceived effort

When it comes to summer running, it can be hard to hit your target paces because of the heat and humidity. Running on perceived effort can change all of that — making sure that you exert yourself while ensuring that you can make it through your entire run. 


Linking up with Susie, Rachel and Debbie for Running Coaches’ Corner —> 


Any other key resources to share for surviving summer runs? What’s your favorite season to run in? 

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