Back in college, we used to play a fun drinking game called “never have I ever…” In case you aren’t familiar with it, you would make a statement and whoever has done that particular action in their lives, they would have to take a drink. 

And so today, I bring to you… never have I ever, running edition. 

Never have I ever, running edition | Crazy Running Girl


…run a beer mile

I like beer, and I like running, so I feel like this is right up my alley. The whole idea of chugging beer while running? Intriguing. There is one in Minneapolis towards the end of the summer, so hopefully this one gets kicked off this list too. 


…run an international race

This one makes me sad that it still hasn’t become a reality! Although, that will change in four short months (HOLY MOLY) when I run the Golden Ultra in Canada. I have a lot of international races on my bucket list, like Berlin and the Auckland Marathon. Someday…  


…DNFed a race

I’ve had a few races where I DNS (2014 and 2016 Houston Marathons), but I have not had a DNF. I hope that it stays this way. 


…lost a toenail

I almost don’t even feel like a real runner because I have never lost a toenail! On top of that, it pretty much defies logic because I wear my actual shoe size in my running shoes (most people size up at least a half or even full size just because the longer you go, the more your feet swell). Not complaining, but it feels weird.


…actually trained for a half marathon

Every half marathon I’ve run, it’s been either as part of my training program for a marathon or as recovery from a marathon. One of these days, I really want to commit to a half marathon program and go for a big PR… but I think I need to get over my love for marathons first. 😉 


…done back-to-back races

The closest I’ve done is the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge in 2013… although, this is going to change this year! I’m running the Great Grandmas Challenge for the marathon (5k the night before) and the Golden Ultra is a stage series, so three races in a row. I’m not sure my legs realize this yet. 😉 


What about you? What never have you ever done when it comes to running? 

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