Minneapolis has miles and miles of trails for runners and bikers… it’s amazing how far you can really get (like running all the way to St. Paul or the western suburbs) without having to hit the roads. For today’s Friday Five with Rachel @ Running on Happy, I’m sharing my top five favorite Minneapolis running routes. 

The 5 best Minneapolis running routes | Crazy Running Girl


1. West River Parkway

Fall running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl

If I’m running, I’m probably running here. Absolutely love running on West River Parkway! It runs along the Mississippi River, which is so pretty no matter the time of year. I love when I run this trail after work because there are a ton of other runners out and it makes me happy to see everyone out and about. 


2. Boom Island Park

Minneapolis spring running views | Crazy Running Girl


Just across the Mississippi north of downtown, you’ll find Boom Island Park. I love the lighthouse here and the views of Minneapolis are pretty awesome too. The trail itself isn’t too long, but it’ll lead you over to the Stone Arch Bridge and up to the East River Parkway. 


3. The Lakes

Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis on a summer day | Crazy Running Girl


I actually haven’t run The Lakes (Calhoun, Harriet and Isles) since I’ve been back (other than the Twin Cities Marathon) but it is seriously one of my favorite places to run here in Minneapolis. You can do one lake for about three to four miles, or all three for about 10 miles… choose your own adventure. 🙂


4. Cedar Lake Trail

Fall in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


The thing I love most about the Cedar Lake Trail? It connects West River Parkway to The Lakes! I’ve run it a few times and this makes it the best. Plus, you run by Cedar Lake, which is so pretty in the fall. 


5. Minnehaha Falls 

Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN | Crazy Running Girl


As you can tell, one of my favorite things about running in Minneapolis —> the chance to run around the lakes! Minnehaha Falls is super close to Lake Nokomis, but it’s absolutely beautiful (it can get busy)… I love that the trail leads you to the Mississippi River and also, connects to West River Parkway. 😉


What are some favorite areas for you to run in your area? Would you rather run around lakes, woods or beach?

Midwesterners! What are some of your other favorite Minneapolis running routes? 

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