Oh hey there, Monday! 

Before I get into some talk about Grandmas Marathon (less than two weeks!), highlights from the weekend!

This weekend was a great one –> once again, reminding me of how awesome summer is in the Midwest. I headed down to Iowa to camp for the weekend, it was filled with everything under the (hot) sun.

For the first time, I floating down the river on kayaks instead of on tubes and it’s my new favorite. The one thing that drives me crazy about tube floating is when you hit a slow spot and it’s impossible to get moving again. With a kayak, you can paddle your way out and are on your way once again. 

I never realized that Iowa was this pretty:

Camping in Bluffton, Iowa | Crazy Running Girl

I’ve only been to the middle of the state before, and it’s flat and filled with cornfields. The bluffs in this area are absolutely gorgeous.

Fishing with my Hydroflask in Iowa | Crazy Running Girl


We also did quite a bit of fishing, and I learned how to do some river fishing for trout… and caught some beauties:

Trout fishing in Iowa | Crazy Running Girl


(don’t worry, the sunburn doesn’t hurt that bad!)

So, with the kayaking and fishing, there wasn’t a ton of running that happened this weekend but that’s okay… because it’s taper time!

2016 Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


I cannot believe that I’m less than TWO weeks out from Grandmas Marathon. I feel REALLY good about how my training has gone since Boston. From what it feels like, it seems like my legs have recovered from Boston… but I don’t think I’ll know that for sure until I hit mile 16 on June 17. 😉

Obviously I’ll be going for my A goal (hey there sub-3:30!) but once again, I worry about the weather… I hope that Mother Nature will be on our side and give us a great race day! Either way, it’s going to be an amazing experience… and I’m so excited to have Melissa in Minnesota to run the race and experience some of the awesomeness of a Midwestern summer. 🙂


Have you ever been to Iowa? Do you like to go camping? 

What’s your favorite part of summer? 


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