I think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here! And in light of that (plus Global Running Day tomorrow!), I’m sharing some of my tips for what you can do for a better summer run. Plus, a super sweet giveaway from Nathan Sports!

For one, hydration is key. If I haven’t had my target amount of water (usually around 70 ounces), I can definitely tell on my run because I feel sluggish and just… off. It’s also important to drink water while you’re running. I’ve had some brilliant ideas where I’ve gone on runs without bringing water because I’ve felt like a million bucks beforehand or because it’s too short of a run to have any. 

One of my favorite things to bring on the run with me is my Nathan SpeedShot Plus (I have it in two sizes, 10 ounce and 12 ounce) and it’s perfect for the run —> I love that I can have it on my hand and it doesn’t irritate me (I used to be all about the belt water holders, but they make me so annoyed during a long run… something with the fit). 

Secondly, you need to bring some essentials with you on the run. I am not very good at this but I’m practicing. Definitely have your phone and some money just because when the conditions are hot, you just don’t know what could happen (and honestly, this should be something you do on all of your runs). I like using the Hipster because I can cram a lot of things in there and it doesn’t affect me on the run or weigh me down. 

Bad, bad training day | Crazy Running Girl


What if you get super dehydrated and sick (has happened to me)? Or a summer storm crops up? Having your phone + money can make sure that you have a plan to get home if you need it (or just go grab some Gatorade if it’s a REALLY hot run and it’s necessary!). 

Third, have a plan to cool down afterwards. I definitely wait a chunk of time before I hop in the shower because there’s nothing worse than showering while you’re still sweating. I usually hang out in my kitchen, sipping on water and eating my favorite summer snack:

I love me some green grapes | Crazy Running Girl


And lastly, keep your clothes smelling fresh. Yeah, sweat stinks. Luckily there are some products like Nathan Sport-Wash Performance Detergent that help to wash away the sweat and keep your clothes smelling fresh. Since I go through running clothes like there’s no tomorrow, it’s so easy to just dedicate one load a week to my running gear. 

Some other things to think about for a better summer run:

  • Wear light colored, lightweight gear (and even think about UPF running gear if you live in a really sunny area)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! Even if you are only outside for 30-40 minutes, the sun can still do damage
  • Wear sunglasses! Just like your skin, the sun can do some crazy damage to your eyes (ever have sunburnt eyes? Not a good feeling!)
  • Run early in the morning or late at night to hit cooler weather and less direct sun (and look for a shaded route!)
  • If it’s too hot (usually I will not run if feels like is above 90*), think about the treadmill or switching up your training schedule


And now, it’s time for a super sweet giveaway from Nathan Sports! Good luck!

NATHAN Giveaway for Global Running Day! | Crazy Running Girl


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