I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated Global Running Day as much as I did yesterday! I kicked off the day with an eight mile run on my favorite running trail:

Running on Global Running Day | Crazy Running Girl


From there, I stalked the Grandmas Marathon weather and talked about our weekend with Melissa. I am not sharing the weather report because it has literally changed like four times a day for the past week… but still so worth stalking. 😉

I also registered to be a sponsored athlete with Brooks! Did you guys hear about this? In honor of Global Running Day, they are signing up ALL runners — of all abilities — to be “sponsored” athletes. As a sponsored athlete, they’ll send you a $1 check and you’ll have access to some awesome tips and information about running from the Brooks team. 

I'm a Brooks-endorsed athlete! | Crazy Running Girl

Check it out HERE. Lastly, I wrapped up the day with my first Run for Beer 5k with my friend Carla, which was such a fun event.

Celebrating Global Running Day | Crazy Running Girl


It wasn’t a super competitive 5k, but it was awesome to run and chat along the way… and enjoy some great beer at one of my favorite breweries afterwards!


People that I chat to about running always want to know how I’m still doing it after all these years… and all these miles. I think what it comes down to —> the right gear. 

When I first started running, I ran in whatever I could find — and that goes for shoes too. But I think to truly make running a lifetime sport, you need to have supportive gear to help your joints and muscles. 

Most important? Your shoes. 

I have run in the Glycerins since about 2012 and it was love at first run. I’m a heel striker (don’t think I’ll ever break that habit), so having enough cushion without feeling clunky was such an added bonus. Brooks has updated the design quite a bit over the past couple years so it’s definitely sexier and doesn’t look like such a highly cushioned shoes. 

The Brooks Glycerin 15 | Crazy Running Girl


I absolutely love the sleek new design of the Glycerin 15… on top of that, it features the Super DNA midsole from Brooks — meaning you get 25% more adaptable cushioning compared to the standard DNA midsole. As an added bonus, it features IDEAL Pressure Zones — evenly dispersing impact for an effortless ride. Perfect for those runners who are heel strikers and also rack up the miles. I’ll have a full review up about these shoes soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can have your own chance to try them out! That’s right, Brooks wants to give one of YOU a pair of the Glycerin 15. Good luck! 🙂 

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