I cannot believe it, marathon week is finally here! 



Before I get into everything Grandmas Marathon, let’s chat about the weekend! I headed back to Wisconsin this weekend for some belated birthday celebrations with my niece, time with the family and to head to my HS best friend’s birthday party for her twin girls, who turned one (seriously, so cute). 

My niece and I went kayaking on Friday, which was so much fun!

Kayaking the Upper Chain in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl

I’ve actually never been in this part of the Chain O’ Lakes (about 20 minutes from where I grew up), and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Kayaking the Upper Chain in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl


Kayaking the Upper Chain in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl


She was a trooper, and we ended up kayaking across a few lakes in the two hours that we had the kayaks. 

Kayaking the Upper Chain in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl


Afterwards, we did some truly Wisconsin things (like visit Culvers and go buy some cheese), and then she made a slip and slide (and used up all of my sister’s soap… sorry Betsy). 

Slip and slide | Crazy Running Girl


I don’t even remember the last time that I did a slip and slide, and it was so much fun! We finished the day with pizza + mini golfing + ice cream. 

Ice cream from Scoopers in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl


On Saturday, we started the day with a run with the kids (my nephew is training for his FIRST half marathon this fall… let’s see if he sticks with it ;)). We did 4 miles and I finished off the day with 9 more… really hoping that my tired legs shape up this week because they were not happy about that distance. 

Running in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


Which brings me to today’s topic… 10 pre-race thoughts! I don’t know about you, but I’m always all over the place a week before the marathon, mostly because I think I’m overthinking what’s going to happen over 26.2 miles. Luckily, on race morning, everything seems to fall into place. 

Anyways, here are 10 pre-race thoughts as I get ready for marathon #25 —> 

1. What does the weather look like? Honestly, I’ve been thinking about the weather for the past few weeks, especially knowing how hot it can get for Grandmas. It’s been all over the place — and right now, I’m liking how it looks (but that doesn’t mean I stop checking it 3x a day #obsessed). 

2. Can I really run 26.2 miles? I’ve told this one to my sister before and she thinks I’m crazy… because obviously, I can! But there’s always that inkling of doubt, mostly because that’s a REALLY long distance. What if my body just doesn’t want to do it anymore? 

3. What if I have the race of my life? I was reading something that said that you have about 3-5 amazing races in you… those races where you run it and don’t really know where it came from, but somehow had all the energy in the world that day (NYC Marathon 2010 was like this for me). What if that’s how race day goes? This is a fun one to analyze. 

4. What if I have the worst race of my life? This one is NOT fun to analyze… but important, I guess? What happens if everything goes wrong and I have to DNF? Eek. 

5. What should I eat for the most important meal? They say the most important meal is two dinners before the race (so for a Saturday race, Thursday night dinner). I have absolutely no idea what I plan on eating for this meal and need to figure that out stat. 

6. Am I drinking enough water? My water intake has been awful for the past couple months — a little better now that it’s getting warmer, but man, it’s hard to chug water when it’s freezing cold outside. I think there’s a healthy balance of drinking enough water, but not overdoing it the week before the race. 

7. Why am I doing this? Please tell me I’m not the only one that completely doubts my favorite thing (running) the week before a race. I think it’s probably the nerves but I do ask myself about 43 times why I think this is fun. I

8. What is my race strategy? Ooh this is probably my favorite to overanalyze (behind the weather), but mostly (since I’m an optimist), I like to think about what my A race strategy would look like and picture that in my head as I do my last few runs before race day. 

9. How am I going to break my mental blocks? I’ve talked about this a few times, but this is seriously one of my biggest challenges with running marathons. Every race, I think about how I can finally break through these mental blocks and embrace the pain (my weakness in marathon running). Hopefully this time, I’ve figured it out (thanks to the Door County Half). 

10. How am I going to celebrate? This is probably the most important question… because no matter what, whether it’s a PR or a finish, it’s a huge accomplishment and deserves some celebration. We have tickets to Rock the Top, which is the first time I’ve participated in the “official” race after-party, and I’m really excited for it! 


Tell me: Favorite thing from your weekend? 

What do you think about the week before a big race? Anyone else running Grandmas? (we should meet up!)

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