I can’t believe that it’s already marathon weekend! I also can’t believe that even though this will be my 25th race, I still wonder if I can actually do it and hit the paces that I target. 

Which brings me to today’s topic… my goal(s) for Grandma’s Marathon! 

I mean I think it’s obvious —> I want to PR.

But even more importantly, I want to run a smart, strong race. 

Traditionally, I’m not very good at this. 

I love the whole fly and die method, well, until I get into the upper teens and fall apart and wonder why it happened. 

Coming in to the finish at Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Even when I ran Grandma’s last year, I was running the race itself way too fast for the majority of it. Maybe that played to my advantage because I hit the end faster than I would have and didn’t have to deal with the extreme heat as much. But when I hit that point in the course, I was also more tired because I over-exerted myself early in the course. 

Which, I think, is an easy thing to do because you feel so good when you start… and you know that no matter what, once you hit the 20s, it’s going to hurt and it’s going to be hard. 

That being said, my goal for this race is to start smart like I did last year… I think my first mile was well over the target 8 mile pace and I think that was the smartest thing I did. The not-so-smart part was hitting some 7:40s because it felt easy. Which makes sense when you are early on in the race. 

This year, I’m targeting a 7:55-8:00 minute per mile pace throughout the entire race unless I hit the 20s and feel like I have a little bit more in me. Even splits will be my friend, and I think what will help me FINALLY get my sub-3:30. 

There is also the weather factor. It is going to be about 15 degrees cooler at the start than last year (!!) and sounds like we’ll have some clouds, but with that, a chance of rain. I’m not too mad about that, unless that means high humidity… but I think I would rather have that instead of pure sun. 

So, here we go! Less than 48 hours til race time… eek! If you want to follow along, head on over to the Grandma’s Marathon website — my bib number is 10093. You can also download the app if you want (kinda bummed they don’t have text tracking!). 


What’s your ideal running/race weather? 

Do you struggle with running even paces/the fly and die approach? 

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