Meh, I don’t know about you… but summer running really isn’t my favorite thing ever. Give me a good fall running day where I can rock some capris and a long-sleeve shirt, and I’m a happy camper. Which is weird to think considering I lived in both Texas and Florida and somehow managed to run throughout most of the year when it’s hotter than what would be normal for a Midwestern summer. 

But during that time, I learned a few summer running hacks that make it a little bit easier for me — and hopefully for you too! Here are the top 5 ones I’m sharing today:

1. Lighter is better

Running the trails in the Brooks Caldera | Crazy Running Girl

It really makes a difference what color shirt or tank you run in… the lighter it is, the better. I try to avoid any and all dark clothes when I run in the summer months, even if it means that I have to skip half of my running wardrobe. 


2. Pour some water on me 

Fall running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl

When it’s really hot, I make sure I choose a trail (like West River Parkway above) that has bubblers (water fountains for you non-Wisconsinites) along the way so I can stop and grab a drink, plus pour some water on the inside of my wrists. I once heard that this is the most effective way to cool yourself down (not sure how true it is but it seems to do the trick)… and I love that it doesn’t mean that my clothes get weighed down from being wet. 


3. Morning is better

Running in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


It’s tough to get up early, but it makes such a difference to run early in the morning instead of waiting until the end of the day. It cools off a bit at dusk, but I think it feels the best in the mornings because it’s still chilly from the night before. 


4. 5ks are GREAT motivators


I absolutely love running summer 5ks… they are easier to recover from, give you a chance to focus on speedwork and they keep you motivated to run — even when it’s super toasty. I think I’ll be adding a few to my calendar over the next few months, once Grandma’s Marathon is off my brain. 


5. Grapes and/or watermelon are saviors

I love me some green grapes | Crazy Running Girl


My favorite summer running treat after a hot run —> green grapes or watermelon. I love them both because they have high water content, give me a hint of sweetness and well, they are pretty good for you! Guaranteed my fridge will be stocked with one or both of these all summer. 🙂 


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What are your favorite summer running hacks?

What’s your ideal running temperature? 

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