This morning I am headed out to Arizona for my friend, Steph’s, bachelorette party in Lake Havasu. They are currently experiencing a heat wave out there, so the weather is going to be a little toasty. Like triple digits. And nearly 50 degrees warmer than here in Minneapolis. 

I’ve stocked up with some essentials: 100+ SPF, UV rash guard shirt, trucker hats and my Hydroflask. I really don’t want to end up with crazy sunburn, so wish me luck. 

As I’m getting ready for a weekend with one of my favorites, I’m going to share some of my other recent favorites in life —> 

The Brooks Juno Sports Bra


I love love LOVE this sports bra. It’s the one that I wore during Grandma’s Marathon this year, and it literally did not move and was perfect to dump ice into. I did chafe a little bit on my back, but given the conditions, I think that probably makes sense. But, if you are in the market for a sports bra —> check out the Brooks Running Juno


All the fresh fruit

Fresh summer cherries | Crazy Running Girl


I absolutely LOVE that it’s summer now because there’s so much fruit and it’s amazing. I don’t know if you guys have Culver’s by you, but I’m obsessed with lemon ice:

Lemon ice | Crazy Running Girl


You can top it with a bunch of fresh fruit, but seriously, it’s just nice and refreshing on it’s own… especially when it’s super hot. 



PUPPY LOVE | Crazy Running Girl


My friend Carla just got this ADORABLE puppy and we got to spend some time with him (Bruno!) this weekend. IN LOVE. I don’t think she’d notice if I kidnap him, would she? 


What are you loving right now? 

Dogs or cats? What’s your favorite dog breed? 

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