Remember that goal that I had this year to try something new every month? I had this same goal last year but I think I focused on doing some really awesome stuff compared to this year (I mean, most of my “try something new” has been going to different places, which I’ll never say no to!). 

But I’m excited to add something completely different to my list… wakeboarding! While we were up north last weekend, I gave it a shot. I don’t know how to water ski and I also am not the most comfortable in water (I can’t swim), so naturally, this seemed like a great fit. 

I didn’t get up on the board… I was *so* close my last two times, but by that point, my arms were so dead that I don’t think I could’ve gotten up at any point. 

That being said, as part of Friday Five with Rachel, I’m sharing five things that I’ve learned from my wakeboarding experience:


1. The more you are in the water, the less scary it becomes

Trying wakeboarding for the first time | Crazy Running Girl


Maybe this is just me because I don’t know how to swim and I get a little freaked out about water… like I’m fine if I’ve been in the water for a few minutes, but at first, I really can’t breathe and just want to get out.

Call me stupid or brave, but after that point, it seems to be fine. After I wiped out a bunch of times, I realized that my fear was barely even there. I wonder if it’ll be better the next time I get in the water? 


2. Getting water up your nose sucks

So usually when I’m in the water, I try to control when I hit the water and this is really impossible when you are on a wakeboard. I got a lot of water up my nose. It does not feel good. I think a nose plug is in order the next time I do this. 


3. I need to work on my arms

Trying wakeboarding for the first time | Crazy Running Girl


I thought that I was making good progress with my arm strength but NOPE, wakeboarding definitely slapped me in the face to tell me that there’s still some work to be done. As a side note, I did hit the gym for some weight training yesterday afternoon… just call me inspired. 😉


4. It’s really hard to flip in the water

I think I gave everyone a good laugh when I landed on my stomach and had to flip over to my back… I was also laughing so hard that it made it a little bit more difficult than it needed to be. In case you need a good laugh…


Oh, and ended up with this crazy Charlie horse in my calf because of it. But! I did manage to flip over two or three times, so I’m calling that a win. 


5. As much as I sucked at wakeboarding, it definitely was a lot of fun

…and I want to try it again. Is that crazy? I’m hoping it’s kinda like snowboarding, where after you go once and spend all of your time on your butt, the next time is much more enjoyable. This is probably the closest I got to actually getting up:



And maybe I can work on the whole arm strength thing so I can hold on for more turns. 😉


So, there you have it! My wakeboarding experience. I hope that the next time that I do this and talk about it, I’ll have a sweet video of me crushing it and hitting some waves (with maybe a little air… is that too ambitious?). Either way, it was a ton of fun and a great way to spend some time on the water!


Have you ever gone wakeboarding? What was your experience? 

What’s your favorite water sport? 

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