So this weekend, I finally got out for a run and my leg feels all better! I mentioned last week that I’ve been lacking on the running side of things because it felt like I sprained or pulled my groin. I went for a 12 miler last night and it was completely fine.

Running 12 miles | Crazy Running Girl


Of course, I was a little nervous that it was going to flare up again but even after stopping for a quick water break, it was fine. My paces were a little slower than what I typically aim for, but given the time off, I was not surprised… and I know how quickly fitness can come back after you’ve had some time off. This means –> game on for The Golden Ultra!

I also spent some time building out my training plan for the race this weekend and omg, I do not know how it happened where we are only down to 11 weeks before race day! I feel a little bit behind the ball given that I took a few weeks off after Grandma’s, but I know that it will all fall back to place soon enough. 

I have a rough outline of the plan in place, so I’ll start giving training updates next week. During the week, it’s lower distances (like 4-8 miles) with back-to-back long runs on the weekend. I may alter this a bit since I have some weekend plans over the next few weeks, but it will definitely happen. Oh, and this means that there may be another marathon on my calendar! 🙂 


A few last things

  • My bro-in-law recently lost 14 pounds (!!!) and is in a contest to win $500 for his amazing work… can you help him out and like his picture on FB? Click HERE and it’ll pop up — much appreciated! 
  • Have you ever checked out the Bear Cam? I am pretty obsessed. It’s super fun to watch right now because the salmon are super active. 
  • You know I’m obsessed with contests… and I just came across this one from my bank, Ally. Basically, enter in the serial number for your dollars and see if it’s one of the ones tagged to win money… you can win $100 or several thousand!
  • Prime Day is here! I’m a new Amazon Prime member (seriously, I’m not always such a late adopter) and today kicks off Prime Day. I heard that La Croix is one of the things that will up for a deal… but not sure what else. That’s enough for me! 


Are you shopping Prime Day? Did you hear of any other good deals? 

What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

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