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For the past two years, I’ve set a goal to try something new every single month. There are a few reasons why I’ve done this:

  • Research shows that it keeps your brain healthy. If you pick up a new hobby, research does show that your brain tends to stay sharper. Other research shows that active learning helps with memory and high-level thinking in the brain. 
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. Who knows if you have a favorite hobby out there, just waiting for you to discover that you love it? I wouldn’t have known that I love yarn crafts if I never took the first step to take a class to learn how to knit. 
  • It gets harder to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you need that little push to actually step out of your comfort zone and do something different… it’s so easy to fall into what you’re used to doing, but what’s the fun in that?  


My try something new adventures have included everything from trying new sports (like wakeboarding) to adventuring in new areas (like hiking the Sandia Crest Trail and Interstate Park) to visiting new spots (like the Neon Museum and Lake Havasu). 

I have some fun running-related ones coming up over the next few months:

Trying a beer mile

This has been on my bucket list for a long time but a) there’s never been one that works with my schedule and b) it’s a little terrifying (read reason #3 why I try new things). However, there is one in Minneapolis next month and I’m super excited to give it a shot… in case you aren’t familiar, with the beer mile, you chug a beer, run 1/4 mile; repeat until you hit a mile (so four beers//four laps). I don’t think I’ll be getting any awards for this one (have you read how fast people do these in?!), but it should be a fun adventure. 


Checking out goat yoga

I am not a fan of yoga — it just isn’t my thing. But, I do know how good it is for runners. I think the addition of goats to a yoga class will be interesting and a little entertaining; plus, a good distraction. I’ve read about other people doing this on Instagram and I’m super excited to get in on the fad. I’ll be in Vegas at the end of August and trying this out while I’m there… as an extra bonus? It was only $20! What a steal. 


Running my first ultramarathon

I think I’ve talked about this a million and one times in the past few weeks, but in case you missed it, I’m running my first ultramarathon in September. I’m doing a 60k (which is 37 miles) with a race the day before and after, too. Because apparently I need to live up to my blog name. If you are interested —> check out my initial thoughts about training HERE.


Big or small (like trying a new running trail, a different race or distance or even meeting up with a different running group) can make a difference — both on your brain and your running! I absolutely love this thought when it comes to trying new things:
The largest fear carries your greatest growth | Crazy Running Girl


What are some new things you’ve tried this year? 

Ever done a Beer Mile? Tips? 

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