This week is flying by and I can’t believe that it’s already one day away from Friday! I’ve opted to take a little break from running this week to give my legs some time to recover from last week. 

Rocking the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl

I think that sometimes it’s good to go off the beaten path when it comes to your training plan if you are feeling worn out/things are hurting because it can mean that you only take a few days off, versus a few weeks if you get hurt. 

Can I go back up north? 

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


It’s so unbelievably pretty up there. Since I was on a new-to-me lake and in the boat most of the time with my awesome non-swimming skills, I opted to get a new life jacket:

Trying out an automatic inflatable life jacket | Crazy Running Girl


It’s not as bulky as the ones that you typically wear, and it actually inflates upon hitting the water (did not try that feature out, but I might make someone who can swim try it to see how it actually works). I loved it because it was super comfortable and you could actually move instead of feeling like the abdominal snowman. 

iPhone people, have you tried this yet? 

Hey Siri? Silhouetto of a man | Crazy Running Girl


I read this article on Bustle the other day and saved a bunch of the stuff to the list, but am excited to try this out.


One of the things that I’m most paranoid about living in a small apartment is the cat litter smell and people rave about this (I use Bath & Body Works Wallflowers now but I think they are hit or miss). 

Ooh also, I’m currently addicted to Friends (again) and rewatching season five.

The One Where Ross Wears Leather Pants | Crazy Running Girl


There are so many good episodes in this season, but I love the one where Ross gets stuck in his leather pants. And the one where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. And the one where Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas. Pretty much all of them. 

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What’s your favorite TV show?

Friends fans: What are your favorite episode(s)? 

What’s your favorite candle scent for your house? 

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