I am crushing my goal to try something new each month this year. Here is what I’ve done so far: 


Also this month, I tried wakeboarding for the first time (spoiler alert: I was not very good at it)… and now, to recap my first time muskie fishing! 

To be honest, muskies have always freaked me out because they are ginormous and have teeth. Yes, teeth! They can be found in most lakes in the Midwest and can grow to be like five feet long. Isn’t that insane?! 

They are really interesting fish meaning that they are hard to catch. I guess when you are the king predator in a lake, that’s how life rolls. That being said, I opted to learn how to muskie fish with a guide (if you are in MN and want to do this, highly recommend hiring Dustin!).

We went out for a good chunk of time, starting in the early afternoon and ending after dark. At least it was a gorgeous day/night for it:

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


The first thing I learned was how to throw the bait. This is what I was using:

Ever gone muskie fishing? Here's what my first experience was like! | Crazy Running Girl


It’s probably at least 10″ long and is supposed to look like a loon. YES, these fish will eat a loon, ducks and other birds like it’s nbd. Our guide had a lot of stories where he actually saw this happen in real life. 

I wish I could tell you that I spent the day muskie fishing and caught a huge one and that I had an awesome picture to share with you. In fact, none of us caught one that day. And I guess that’s kind of normal. The muskie is known as the fish of 10,000 casts — meaning it basically takes forever before you catch one. 

I’m sure you’re thinking, man that sounds so boring, you fished all day and didn’t even catch a fish? But it was so much fun! I love hanging out on the boat and it was cool to be with someone that has caught so many; I think he was probably really annoyed with all of the questions that I kept asking him. Plus, the idea that you might bring one in at any moment keeps it intriguing. 

In addition to catching them, it’s also a big deal to “raise” one — meaning that you bring one to the surface. The muskie will actually come to the surface, look at your bait… and sometimes bite it, sometimes not. I actually raised one the next night that looked to be about 50″ long… but just like they tend to do, it checked out the bait and drifted back down. Isn’t that bizarre!?

Hopefully the next time I talk about muskie fishing, it’ll be me telling you about the monster fish that I caught! As a side note, it’s common practice to catch and release all muskie — the idea is that you let them go and they will grow bigger for the next fisherman that catches them. 

(P.S. this is a great article that talks about muskie fishing addiction)


What I learned from muskie fishing

  • I’m stronger than I think I am! I thought I was barely going to be able to move the next day because the bait and pole you use are so big, and you just repeatedly throw it out into the water. All my TRX workouts must be working out!
  • They are kinda scary. When I raised the one next to the boat, I completely freaked out — mostly because it was just such a huge fish and just hovering there… so weird. Hopefully next time I see one, I’ll keep it together. 😉
  • I REALLY want to catch one now. OK, I totally get it. I see why people get obsessed with muskie fishing. It’s so annoying that a fish is so much smarter than you and elusive. And now, I really want to catch one to see what it’s like.


Have you ever gone muskie fishing? How did it go? 

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? 

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