Before I get into last week’s training, some weekend fun!

I went south of the cities this weekend to go camping for a night at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park and it was so pretty:

Hidden Falls in Nerstrand, MN | Crazy Running Girl

Those waterfalls were literally a half-mile walk away from our campsite! It was so pretty and surprisingly, not a ton of mosquitos… I’ll take it!

I finished up the weekend with a United soccer game + a day on the lakes on Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. 

A sunday on Lake Calhoun | Crazy Running Girl


I love that these lakes are smack dab in the middle of Minneapolis. I think it adds so much to the culture of the city, and it makes it super easy to get in a boat on a Sunday instead of having to worry about driving outside of the city and such. Even though the fishing wasn’t hot (I got one fish all day), it was an awesome day to be on the water + a super fun Sunday. 

Now on to the not-so-happy part of this post: an update on ultramarathon training. 

My first two weeks of ultramarathon training, I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad. It was exhausting, my legs were a little angry, but overall, things seemed to be chugging along. 

Last week? Not so much. I feel like I got slapped in the face by ultramarathon training and my body was like, meh not that interested. 

I ended up taking quite a few more rest days than I planned… and the runs I did have? They were not enjoyable and made me question everything. 

20 miler! | Crazy Running Girl


I did a 20 miler that felt okay for the first 8ish miles, and then went downhill pretty quickly after that. 

I took a rest day and did a 4.5 mile trail run the day after, and it felt like someone was stabbing my quads the entire time. 

Hiking in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


Even though it was super pretty, it was not enjoyable. 

So of course, like the worst runs do, it gets into your psyche and makes me wonder if the ultra will be conquerable. I know that at some point, my legs will adjust and training will start to feel normal, but until then… it’s going to be such a mind game to get there. 

At least this is true –> building up mental fitness will help no matter what. I sometimes think that this is the silver lining when it comes to a terrible run; sometimes, the benefits from surviving it from a mental perspective does way more than getting in solid miles for one training run will do. 

So yes, last week was the week that I fell apart. But I’m hoping that this week is the week that I pull back together (after all, I do have a half on Saturday!). 

But to finish this on a positive note, check out how adorable Jax looks with his fresh new hair cut: 

Shaved Maine Coon | Crazy Running Girl


(How cute are his rolls?! He’s gained a few pounds in the past few weeks, but all looks good according to the vet, so not sure why…)


How do you get past a tough week of workouts? What was your favorite part of your weekend?  


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