July was a fantastic month. I don’t know what else to say about it besides that. I spent a lot of time enjoying the awesome Minnesota summer (sorry Austin friends, I know you are dealing with temps in the 100+ range)… from fishing, to hanging out up north, to camping, to kicking off training for my first ultra, to hitting up the X Games. Here are some of my favorite moments from this month: 


Catching the biggest fish of my life (32″ Northern Pike):

Celebrating the biggest fish I've ever caught in my life | Crazy Running Girl


Trying out wakeboarding for the first time…

Trying wakeboarding for the first time | Crazy Running Girl


Spending a long weekend up in Lake Vermillion:

Lake Vermilion, Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


Many, many nights spent on the lake + fishing + great company… 

Beautiful Minnesota sunset | Crazy Running Girl


Hitting the X Games to watch Atmosphere:

Checking out Atmosphere at the X Games | Crazy Running Girl


And to top it off, I started ultramarathon training and logged some solid miles: 

Recapping my miles + life in July 2017! | Crazy Running Girl


This means I’ve hit 1,067.85 for the year! That’s enough for me to run from here back to my home in Austin… crazy!! 



  • Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon: I have a half marathon this weekend, so maybe I can beat my new-old PR set at this year’s Door County Half Marathon (but with how my legs feel from ultra training, doubtful).  
  • Strength train at least two times per week: I did a REALLY good job with this! Probably the best I’ve done all year, minus while I was in Lake Vermillion so I can’t quite give myself an A for it. But yay!  
    • January = C
    • February = C
    • March = C
    • April = D
    • May = B+
    • June = C
    • July = B+
  • Get my age of money up to 45 days: I really need to do an update post on this, since I’ve only wrote one (here’s my first post about You Need a Budget (YNAB)). This month, I made some progress, but still have some ways to go to hit my target of 45 days… at least I still have five months to go… ;)If you are interested in YNAB, use my link and you can get a free month!   
    • January = 15 days
    • February = 34 days 
    • March = 36 days
    • April = 31 days
    • May = 26 days
    • June = 12 days
    • July = 19 days



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I’m really excited because I finally have some races on the calendar! My friend Neha from Austin will be in town this week and has signed up to join me at the RBC Race for the Kids Half Marathon. Next weekend, I’m running a marathon in Wisconsin and also trying out the NE Beer Mile –> can’t wait to see how that goes!

Other than that, I’ll be spending as much time as I can outside because summer is winding down this month (HOW IS THIS HAPPENING ALREADY), so lots more fishing, hiking and just spending some time under the sun. 

I am also headed back to Vegas for work… and will be trying goat yoga for the very first time while I’m there. Question, do you think it’ll be frowned on if I stash one in my suitcase on the way home? 


How was your July? What was your favorite moment? 

What are you looking forward to in August? 

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