Hey, hey… it’s Friday! And I’m finally feeling human again, seriously, allergies are brutal. Yesterday it was only in the 50s here in Minneapolis, which felt absolutely amazing. I wore some leggings and a hoodie. In August. I know. 

Today’s post is going to be fun… at least I had a fun time thinking about it and pulling some of my favorite race pictures. I’m linking up with Rachel @ Running on Happy to talk all about my favorite races that I think you should add to your bucket list!


Boston Marathon


I am sure that this is no surprise for anyone who knows me… I absolutely LOVE the Boston Marathon! I have been lucky enough to run this race five times and have a BQ for next year as well. The race is organized to a T and the entire city gets pumped up for the race. You can’t beat it. 

If you want to check out my race recaps: 2017//2015//2013//2012 (unfortunately, I didn’t have a blog the first time I ran it!)


Run for the Pies 5k 


The Run for the Pies 5k is a race in Jacksonville, FL where if you beat a certain time (and finish before they run out), you get a pie! Yes, it’s a pie you can buy for $5 at the local Publix, but it definitely tastes better after you win it at a 5k. The first time I ran this race, I did not get a pie, but I did the second time. Such a fun race. (Sadly, no recap for this one either since it was before I had my blog.)


Empire State Building Run-Up

This was a really tough race… you basically run up 86 flights of stairs to get to the top of the Empire State Building. Some people do it ridiculously fast (think just over 10 minutes… insane!). It was hard because, all of the stairs, but also, indoor race that burns your lungs after awhile. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to run this one though. (Here’s my recap if you’re interested!)


Grandma’s Marathon

2017 Grandma's Marathon Finisher! | Crazy Running Girl


Maybe it’s because I’ve PRed here twice, or maybe it’s because I love the course; either way, Grandma’s Marathon is one of my favorite races ever. I love the size of this race and the fact that it’s held just when summer is starting to kick off (even if that means that it might be a little toasty). But! If you are looking for a Minnesota marathon or a June race, definitely check it out! (Check out my recaps: 2017//2016)


Ragnar Relay

Accruent runNERDS, Ragnar Austin | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve been lucky enough to do the Ragnar Relay twice; once in the Adirondacks in New York and the second time in Austin, TX. It is such an amazing and fun experience… I tell everyone that you need to do it if you even have remote interest in it! The people that I’ve run Ragnar with will always have a special place in my running life because it’s unlike any other experience and makes you friends on a different level. 


What races make your top 5? Have you ever done a Ragnar? 

What races are on your bucket list? 

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