I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with ultramarathon training, and it feels good! I ran a half marathon on Saturday (full recap up tomorrow) and I think it was exactly what I needed. My legs weren’t hurting like they have been + I feel like I had a little bit more pep in my step than I have for the past few weeks. 

Beyond that, this weekend was busy + fun. That’s the way that summer weekends should be, right?! My friend Neha from Austin (I used to work with her) was in town for work and also ran the half marathon. We hung out for a bit on Friday to pick up packets and went to dinner at Hazels. This is the same place I went before Twin Cities Marathon last year, and their food is perfect for some pre-race nutrition. 

Last week I was wiped out by allergies (stupid ragweed) so I was looking for some comfort food and opted for the wild rice gumbo:

Wild rice gumbo from Hazels Northeast | Crazy Running Girl

The dash of spice was well needed. 

After the half on Saturday, I went up north and spent the afternoon + night muskie fishing. I wish that I had a really cool picture of a fish to share with you, but the elusive muskie got away again. 

And on Sunday, I topped off a great weekend with some lemon ice from Culvers —>

Lemon ice from Culvers | Crazy Running Girl


I absolutely love this stuff, especially since you can top if with some fresh fruit. Even though it was raining a bit when I made the stop, it was still super refreshing. 

Speaking of stuff that I love… some favorites I need to tell you about:

  • Up and Vanished PodcastJust started listening to this over the weekend and am already on episode 7. It is SO good. It covers the case of a woman who went missing in Georgia over 10 years ago, and they still haven’t found her. I really have been rocking the podcasts lately so let me know if you have any others that you recommend!
  • Goodr Sunglasses: Janae mentioned that she just ordered some of these and I’ve never heard of them before… but I love the colors AND the price!? With my blue eyes, I always need to rock the sunglasses (you should see my raccoon-eye tan line going on right now… ha) and these sound like a great deal. Has anyone tried them out? What did you think? 
  • Purl Soho: For my yarn crafters out there, I just stumbled on this site and they have some awesome patterns. I am a little rusty with knitting but am trying to knock out a few projects. I always go to crochet because it’s easier for me, but hey, sometimes the challenge is good, right? 
  • Plant Protein Powder: Last week when I was feeling like garbage thanks to allergies, I had no motivation to cook and my protein powder was a lifesaver. I usually have a smoothie every morning for breakfast, but I love how easy it is to whip one up with this stuff (literally ice + banana + coconut milk + protein powder) and it tastes amazing. 


And lastly, this quote… I feel like this has been my goal in life lately and it’s awesome: 

Do more things... | Crazy Running Girl


Last week’s training (week #3 for the Golden Ultra)

Eek, I can’t believe that this race is creeping up so fast. I’m not feeling prepared at all (however, is that even possible when you are running an ultra?) but also feel like the next few weeks will be time to get in a good spot and feel like I’m peaking. I do have a marathon on the calendar this week (on Saturday), which I’ll talk about later this week… it’s going to be so weird to go into it with no goals!

Anyways, here’s what my training looked like last week (it was pretty abysmal considering that I took a few extra rest days because of my allergies… and yes, I have been watching a lot of Friends lately ;)): 

  • Tuesday: 6 miles @ 9:47 average pace
  • Friday: 4 miles @ 10:27 average pace + arm workout
  • Saturday: Half marathon @ 8:18 average pace (!!)


Total mileage was around 23 miles… well below my target. However! This is the week that things change and I get back into the swing of training. Woo!


How was your weekend? What was your favorite moment? 

Podcast recommendations? 

What are a few things you are loving right now? 

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