One of the main questions I get from people about running is “Ugh, how can you do that all the time? Don’t you get sick of it?”

And yes, I do get sick of it. 

It’s not something that I love to do everyday, and even when it comes to race day, I question my choice to run the race. I was just talking to my sister about this and she thinks I’m crazy; she has never had that thought during a race where you think about how terrible it is and consider retirement. 

But honestly, I think that’s part of what makes the good runs an races so GOOD. 

Sometimes you need the bad days... | Crazy Running Girl


This cycle of training has not been my favorite. I am trying to adjust to the whole ultramarathon training and it’s so much different than marathon training, and I’m not sure if it’s different in a good way.  It’s a LOT of running… the whole thing I’ve learned about ultra training is it’s all about time on your feet, versus your speed, and it sounds absolutely bizarre, but it makes me feel so out of shape. I’m still running a good chunk of miles, but I don’t feel as fit or fast and I did while marathon training. 

I think this, combined with a few bad weeks of training, has been fueling my recent meh feeling about training. 

But knowing that I have a huge race looming, it doesn’t mean that I can simply give in and stop training. I need to push through… which makes it that much harder when you try to think of any excuse in the world to get out the door and get the work out in. 

On the positive side, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to push through over the past few weeks… a few things that I thought I’d share for Running Coaches’ Corner this week!

1. Trick your mind


Ooh trickery! Obviously a sound first tip. When I don’t want to train, I try to see how I can make it sound not as bad. For example, splitting a long run into two shorter runs that day or convincing myself that I can take a walk break at some point during the run. Once I find that I get out the door and start going, I am good… it’s just whatever it takes to make that first step!


2. Finding ways to stay accountable


Talking to friends, family or even broadcasting what my training looks like across social media… man, that’s a great way to stay accountable! I don’t know about you, but I hate looking like I’m slacking and having people ask how something went for me to say oh that didn’t happen! jk! So find how you can stay accountable and use that as your extra push to get through a workout you really don’t want to do. 


3. Try new routes


It’s amazing how much a change of scenery can help! I am the worst when it comes to training because I find a route I like, and I just pound it out over and over again. There’s some benefit to that, but when you switch things up, it can make you feel like it’s a fresh experience… which is what you need, sometimes. 


4. Get more sleep



I don’t know about you, but generally when I’m not feeling the whole training thing… it comes down to being tired. Whenever I’m tired, I just want to chill out and not do or think about anything. When it comes to balancing running + strength training, it definitely depletes your energy sources. I’ve been focusing on getting more sleep, which seems to be helping and making me a little bit more motivated to get up in the morning. 


5. Cut yourself some slack


Blah, I am the worst at this! Call it my type A-ness or the whole thing where I can’t stand failure (is that one and the same?), but sometimes you just have to let go and move on. Last week when I was feeling like garbage thanks to allergies, I really wanted to push through and just get the runs done. But then I realized that it probably would be worse to do that, then to let my body (and my mind rest!).

So, sometimes life happens and you need to recognize that and use your judgement… if you miss a workout or two, it’s not the end of the world. It’ll be okay. 

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Any other tips that you’d share for pushing through training?

How do you deal when you just aren’t motivated? 

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