I can’t believe it, but I’m going to run my 26th marathon on Saturday! It feels super weird because, unlike most marathons, this has not been the focus of my life. I signed up for it as a way to get in some major miles for the upcoming ultra (oh hey, did you guys know I’m running an ultra? I don’t think I’ve mentioned it.)… 

Paavo Nurmi Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


The marathon I’ll be running is the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Hurley, WI. I have heard a LOT about this race… it’s the oldest running race in the state of Wisconsin and usually attracts a pretty hard-core group of runners (from what I’ve heard). I mean,  it is mid-August and only crazies run marathons this time of year. 😉 The race is named after Paavo Nurmi, a Finnish runner who won nine (!!) Olympic medals. 

The course itself is a point-to-point and I’ve heard that there are plenty of hills. You run a good chunk of it along the highway, which usually doesn’t sound that amazing, but it is a pretty area (northern Wisconsin is filled with pine trees + bald eagles) so I’m looking forward to that. 


Goals for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon

2017 Grandma's Marathon Finisher! | Crazy Running Girl[post-grandmas marathon!]


This feels weird, but my only goal for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon is to run it as a training run, much like I did with last weekend’s half marathon. I’m usually not very good at the whole not being competitive thing… so I’m really interested to see how this goes.

It is also going to be interesting to not push myself early on in a race because at the half marathon, this meant that I was feeling pretty good towards the end of the race. However, I’m not sure if, even if you go out at a reasonable pace, if you will “feel good” at the end of the race. 

I’m aiming for a four-ish hour marathon… I would love to finish somewhere around 3:50. But! We’ll see what happens. 


I am excited because this is a really pretty part of Wisconsin (I’ve been warned that Hurley itself isn’t the most gorgeous town) so I’m going to try to check out a hike or waterfalls afterwards. To round out the weekend, I’m hitting up a Beer Mile on Sunday! Follow me on Instagram for all the details; otherwise, full race reviews next week! 


Have you ever run a marathon as a “training” run? Tips? 

What do you have on your agenda for this weekend? 

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