This weekend was a busy, but good one! I stacked it with two races, including a marathon… I feel like using a marathon as a “training run” put me in a whole different realm of crazy, ha!

I will have a full recap of the marathon up on the blog tomorrow, but for now, just a few details. 

Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


On Friday, I headed to northeast Wisconsin to Hurley where I went to packet pickup and met up with my friend Heather and her running crew for the night.

Gile, Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


The race started at 7:30 a.m. the next morning, and it was PERFECT running weather, which is weird to say for early August. 

Finishing the 2017 Paavo Nurmi Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

After the race, we hung out in town to celebrate for a little bit and then I headed back on the four-hour trek back to Minneapolis. I made lots of stops along the way (including one at the casino for a bathroom break, and ended up winning $3!) so it took a little bit longer to get home. 

I’m addicted to Friends lately so I watched a few episodes before heading to bed. I always hate sleeping the night after a marathon because it’s impossible to get comfortable. I woke up so many times and it was so frustrating because I knew I was exhausted!

The next morning, I got ready for the Beer Mile and we hit the course at 11:30 a.m. 

Getting ready for the 2017 NE Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


From there, we kept the fun going with a stop at brunch at The Bulldog… omg, it was delicious:

Brunch at The Bulldog in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


And then we headed over to Headflyer for bingo (I won a hat!) and finished up the night with trivia at Surly Brewery with Justin Davis from the Minnesota United.

Surly trivia with Justin Davis of the Minnesota United | Crazy Running Girl


It was such a fun day! I love how you can spend your entire weekend running, but still have time to squeeze in all the fun. 🙂

Which speaking of running and fun…

Recapping last week’s ultramarathon training

Sunday: rest
Monday: 8 miles + arm workout
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 4 miles + arm workout
Friday: rest
Saturday: marathon! 26.2 miles


TOTAL: 48 miles!


I’m FINALLY starting to get my mileage up for training. It has been a rough go, honestly. I think I’ve talked a lot about how hard the mental shift to ultramarathon training has been for me and I’m trying not to sweat it. Ultimately, my goal for the ultramarathon is to go out, have the experience and enjoy it! This week, I have a couple longer distances on the calendar… so wish me luck! 


What was your favorite moment of your weekend? 

Who else raced? All the details!

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