In the past few years, the Beer Mile has gotten a ton of recognition as the world championship times have gotten crazy fast. For instance, the current record for men is a 4:34. That is absolutely insane! I can’t even run that quick without drinking beer, and now you add that into the mix? 

So what is the Beer Mile? 

Attempting my first Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


The Beer Mile consists of chugging a 12-ounce can or bottle of beer (at least 5% ABV) before every quarter mile lap. In the end, you chug four beers and run four laps. The race that I did, they made you run a penalty lap if you happened to throw up during the race. 


My experience in the Beer Mile

I just ran my first ever Beer Mile this past weekend at the N.E. Beer Mile here in Minneapolis. Somehow, I was able to swindle my friend Nicole into the race. 

Getting ready for the 2017 NE Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


We got to the race about 30 minutes early so we were able to see the first heat in action. Some people are crazy fast at chugging! Me, not so much. It also didn’t help that the Miller Lites that they serve are absolutely ice cold (I’m better at chugging when it’s warmer). 

Attempting my first Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


Anyways, the first beer and lap were fine… the novelty of the race made it easy and we ran it within about three minutes. The second one got a little tougher, as my stomach was more full and I think my body was starting to catch on to what was happening. The third one was by far the hardest for me — I was pretty sure that I was going to throw up at this point and not be able to finish the beer. 

Attempting my first Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


The fourth lap (and beer) were by far the easiest for me. I think my body finally figured out what was happening, and maybe the beer started to hit a little bit (haha). I even beat Nicole at chugging at this point!

Right when we were turning our last corner, we heard some girls come up behind us and the competitive side of me kicked in… I turned to Nicole and said “we have to beat them!” Nicole looked at me like I was crazy (I think she was trying not to throw up), but I somehow edged out the one girl right at the finish: 

Finishing my first Beer Mile | Crazy Running Girl


We ended up finishing right around 17 minutes! Not bad for a first attempt at the Beer Mile. 


What are some tips for running the Beer Mile? 

I mean, I’ve run this race once, so I’m clearly an expert, right? 😉 I did learn a few things that I can pass on:

  • Don’t show up super full. Beer is SO filling… there just doesn’t seem to be enough room for all that liquid in your stomach. I didn’t eat breakfast that morning (had a protein smoothie about two hours before the race) and I think that was a solid strategy for me.
  • Keep your bouncing to a minimum. This is really hard, obviously, just because of the nature of running… but bouncing less as you strike the ground means your stomach gets shaken up less, and well, less chance of throwing up.
  • Make sure you burp… a lot. I actually learned this one from Nicole and I think it was a lifesaver! I definitely burped a ton during this race (#sexy) and I think it helped to relieve all of the pressure from the bubbles. 
  • Not burping? Start talking. I think I talked Nicole’s ear off the entire time we were running because by focusing on stupid thoughts, I wasn’t focusing on how my stomach was feeling. #lifesaver 
  • Ask friends to watch. Whenever I ask friends to tag along for a marathon, they get overwhelmed by the thought of watching it… but a Beer Mile? So entertaining and fun (plus a fun excuse for brunch afterwards!). 
  • Don’t drive from the race. You drink a lot of beer in a short amount of time. Don’t drive. 


So, should you run the Beer Mile? If you like beer, and you like running, then definitely! It’s a fun experience just to try out… and switch up your running routine. I think I would definitely do it again (and hopefully beat that time! haha). 


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Have you ever done the Beer Mile? What did you think? 

Any Beer Mile tips to share? 

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