And just like that, we’re back to another Monday! Seriously, I feel like the weekend just keep going faster and faster… someone please tell me how I can slow down time over these 60ish hours between work weeks. 

I unofficially kicked off the weekend with a 4ish mile trail run. 

Trail running | Crazy Running Girl


It was muddy and slippery and I’m happy I opted to wear my Cascadia from Brooks Running because I think it kept me from falling flat on my face a few times. My legs were actually feeling pretty good, too, but more on that later. 

Minnesota lake views | Crazy Running Girl


No weekend is complete without some time out on the lake… no monster fish to report, but I don’t think any day on the lake is ever a bad thing, right? 

Running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


I finished up the weekend with an awesome six mile run to start training off right for this week, and also, some food prep!

I had a REALLY good habit going for awhile where I was food prepping on every Sunday, and it was amazing. It made it so easy to have healthy food… I’ve definitely been slacking because I’ve been skipping the grocery store and finding other things to do on Sundays that are more exciting.

Recovery Quinoa Salad | Crazy Running Girl


This dish is from Shalane’s cookbook, Run Fast Eat Slow, and it’s probably my favorite recipe that I’ve tried —> recovery quinoa salad. She recommends you top it with some avocado and feta cheese, which just makes it that much more amazing. The only challenge is making sure that I don’t eat double a serving in one sitting because it’s so tasty. 

I’m also wondering if not eating healthy has led to my legs feeling dead and me feeling meh about training. I think when you look at fueling your body like you do a car… making sure your engine has the best, cleanest fuel for better performance, it totally makes sense. I don’t think I was eating that terrible, it was more so just relying on snacky foods (beef sticks and hummus with chips) for full meals, instead of getting in my macros. 

Anyways, live and learn, right? So we’ll see how things feel after focusing on some greener foods… because this week kicks off my second hardest week (just by mileage) for this training cycle. 

Let’s talk about last week’s ultramarathon training

It was the week after a marathon, and even though it wasn’t a marathon that I pushed myself as hard as I could, it was a marathon. I have learned that you need to respect this distance, so I took it a little bit easier than I typically would. Here’s what my training looked like for this week:

Su: Beer Mie
Mo: 8 miles @ 9:29 avg
Tu: 6 miles @ 9:35 avg
We: rest
Th: 5 miles @ 9:51 avg
Fr: 4 miles @ 8:15 avg
Sa: rest day

TOTAL: 29 miles


Like I said, my legs have been feeling really fresh and full of energy for my last few runs, so I am not sure if it’s from a lighter training week, better food or adjusting to training. Whatever it may be, I’ll take it and I hope it sticks around.

Lastly, my sister sent me this quote this weekend and I love it —> 

Train your mind... | Crazy Running Girl


What was your favorite moment of your weekend? Anyone race? 

Do you notice a change in performance based on your fuel?  


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