I’ve been stalking the Runfessions that Marcia hosts on a monthly basis and have been wanting to do them, but always forget! I’m on top of the ball this time around, so I’m excited to join in and share my runfessions for August. 

I runfess that I’m starting to enjoy ultramarathon training a little bit more.

Trail running | Crazy Running Girl


I feel like I struggled so hard for the first few weeks as it was a major shift in mentality and focus for me. All the miles with a focus of… just funning. Mentally, it was hard for me to get on board and I really doubted whether or not it was for me. I’m still not 100% sure that ultramarathons are going to be my go-to distance, but at least I’m back to having fun with the training. 


I runfess that I’m nervous about the Golden Ultra. 

The Golden Ultra in Golden, British Columbia, Canada | Crazy Running Girl


Speaking of ultramarathon training… I was reading a lot of race recaps from previous year’s of the Golden Ultra and learned a lot about what to expect, which I’m so grateful to have an idea of what’s the hardest, most beautiful, best part of this course. However, it makes me really nervous… it’s such a different thing than anything else I’ve ever attempted, but I know that I felt similar the first time I ran a marathon, so it will be okay. 


I runfess that I cannot stick to a serving size when it comes to this meal.

Recovery Quinoa Salad | Crazy Running Girl

This is probably my favorite recipe out of Shalane’s “Run Fast Eat Slow” cookbook, the recovery quinoa salad. It’s pretty easy to make, you just have to do a lot of chopping so that takes up some time (the first time I made it, I was obsessed with getting everything really tiny, but now I let it be and it doesn’t take me as long). However, I seriously cannot eat only the recommended amount and always end up with a lot more on my plate. But that’s okay, it’s healthy for you, right? 😉


I runfess that I’m skipping my run today (shh) because I biked 26 miles yesterday. 

Enjoying Biketown in Portland, OR | Crazy Running Girl[not from yesterday, but my favorite bike picture]


I think my legs may murder me if I try to go for a run today. Last night we biked to the Minnesota State Fair and it was about 13 miles each way! My legs were definitely feeling it this AM. I also did a horrible job of taking pictures, but we tried out some of the new food at the fair (I swear, they always try to go bigger and crazier). I think my favorite was probably the pizzarito (a pizza burrito)… and we even snacked on some lefse! That’s how you know you’re in Minnesota 😉

I do have a 15 miler on the calendar tomorrow so I will get my distance in!


I runfess that as much as I love summer, I am really excited for fall. 

Fall in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


Hoodies, football, pumpkin spice everything, fall leaves, cool temperatures… you name it, I love it about fall! I love running in the fall because the temperature is perfect for me (I love running in 50s temperature wise). And, it means there are more races to check out and from a non-running perspective… so many good things! Fall beers, football and chili are definitely my favorite. I’ve also been working on my hoodie collection and can’t wait to break out some of my new ones in a few weeks as the temperatures dip. 🙂


What are your runfessions? How do you feel about “pumpkin spice” everything in the fall? 

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