Hey guys, coming to you from Vegas!

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I am back here for work again, this time through Thursday. It feels weird to say goodbye to my awesome cool summer weather and hit 100+ temps. At least, since it’s for work, I’ll be inside most of the time. 😉

This weekend was super low-key, but I did watch the fight — did anyone else? I think that McGregor did better than anyone thought and it was at least an interesting fight. It’s amazing how you can see such a difference between a boxer and a UCF fighter body… so much more leg strength!

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Oooh I have to mention, I did read this article yesterday about the hardest races you can run (and am secretly happy that I didn’t see that The Golden Ultra was on there) and this sounds insane:

The craziest, hardest race | Crazy Running Girl

After doing the Beer Mile, I cannot even imagine putting more stuff in my gut while running. I think that would require some serious training. And not just from a running perspective. 


You guys. We are only 25 days away from The Golden Ultra. I have no idea how this race came up so fast, I feel like it was just a little thought in my head like maybeee this is something that I can do. 

I do feel like this is a week where training finally synced and I finally didn’t feel like I was in over my head. My legs were exhausted by the end of the week, and I did swap one run for a (long) bike ride, but it didn’t feel as mentally challenging as previously. 

This coming week will be tough because I have to rack up a lot of miles and traveling for work always makes that a little difficult. 

Anyways, here is what my training looked like last week:

Su: 6 miles
8 miles @ 9:09 avg pace
6 miles
6 miles + 26 miles of biking! 
Fr: rest day
Sa: 15 miles @ 9 min avg per pace

TOTAL: 41 miles + 26 miles biking = 67 miles!

P.S. I’m missing some of my paces because I don’t have my watch here in Vegas and it never uploaded to my MapMyRun account. Oops! This is why I’m the worst at Strava. 😉


What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

Did you watch the big fight? What did you think? 

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