Coincidentally, when I found out I was going to Las Vegas for work, one of my friends on Facebook posted an article about how the latest fitness craze there was goat yoga. Given that it felt a little serendipitous, I knew that I had to register for the class.

Plus, what a better way to finish off a busy week at a conference than with some relaxing yoga? To be honest, I am not a yoga person… I’ve done it before and it’s okay, but it doesn’t speak to me like running.

Anyways! Last night I went to the goat yoga class and at first, I was a little worried it was going to be canceled because there was a dust storm warning (desert life). I didn’t hear anything, so hopped in an Uber and went about six miles off the strip to… a neighborhood. I was a little nervous it was the wrong address at first, but yes, goat yoga took place in front of someone’s house.

What it's like to do goat yoga | Crazy Running Girl

The instructor opened up the class by telling us that we could do as much or as little yoga as possible, and what to do if we saw “raisins” or “waterfalls” (one lady walked around picking up the “raisins” as they happened… because they did, luckily never near me).

They let the goats out (which was hilarious, it was like an adorable running of the bulls) and we kicked off the class as they walked around and munched on grass, found their way on our mats and even nibbled on some people’s hair.

The goat yoga experience | Crazy Running Girl

I really don’t know how much yoga I did throughout the class, maybe half the moves? It was too entertaining to have goats all around, and they would bunch up around you for a little bit and you couldn’t help but laugh and pet them.

The instructor took a few breaks and ran around with some food, even giving us some to feed out of our hands. And then at one point, this happened:

Goat Yoga Las Vegas | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, goats everywhere!

At the end of the class, they let us bottle feed some of the baby goats, which was so fun. Fun fact, my grandma used to have goats on her farm so there is a picture of me as a kid bottle feeding a goat.

Feeding a goat at goat yoga | Crazy Running Girl

Honestly, it was a hilarious, bizarre and relaxing experience. It was light on the working out part, but considering it was Las Vegas and 100+ degrees, I did break a sweat and felt some of the stretches doing their work. Just what I needed with these beat up legs after all the miles these past few weeks.

If you have a chance to go to goat yoga and you like animals, give it a shot! It definitely was something completely different than anything I did before, but a lot of fun. Plus, the Vegas class was only $20! How can you beat that?!


Have you ever tried goat yoga? Any crazy fitness classes you’ve done?

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