Holiday weeks are so weird — they are so short, but the entire week, my brain is so confused on what day it really is, and so it turns out to feel like it’s the longest week ever. But, it’s finally Thursday! And you know what that means… 

There's football today... | Crazy Running Girl


YASS! Yesterday I did two fantasy team drafts and tried to keep them as different as possible, but I just gravitate to the same players. I can’t help it. Here’s to feeling like my team is falling apart in a few weeks. 😉

And football season means… fall is on its way! Yesterday’s (morning) run was in the 40s… I KNOW. I actually had to wear a long sleeve! But one of the things that I love about fall weather, is it gets me excited for all of the layers, and that also means I’m more into the whole knitting and crocheting thing. 

What I'm making with my Caron Cupcake | Crazy Running Girl

The Caron Cakes are so fun and I love how they’ve evolved into all these different styles… I’m going to use this one to knit a hat! The pattern is for youth, and I have a big head, so I’m hoping I can make it work or else my niece will probably like it. 😉 

Also fall… The Golden Ultra is just around the corner. Actually, two weeks from today, I’ll be headed to Calgary! I am nervous, scared, excited, worried… all the emotions. 

Prepping for my first ultra | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve started to stock up on my essential supplies, so far the Orange Mud Endurance Pack and these trekking poles. I have a few weeks to go out on the trails and try them out, so we’ll see how that goes. (P.S. I chose the Orange Mud Endurance Pack because in one of the running groups I’m a member of on Facebook, there was a TON of support for using these for longer distances. 

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Football fans! Who’s your team? Are you doing any fantasy leagues? 

Ultra runners: Any other gear tips?? I’m taking all the advice that I can!

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