Earlier this year, I shared some thoughts on why health is your greatest wealth — one that we often overlook when we talk about being “rich.” And for many people, health is often thought of as exercising and skipping the junk food, but there is more to that.

There is also the component of having mental wellness, meaning that you are able to love yourself for who you are too — and learning how to sparkle from the inside. All three of these aspects — working out, eating right and mental health — are essential to staying healthy. Learning how to balance these can be a struggle; I know that it’s something that I’m challenged with as a try to balance working full-time, meeting my fitness goals, having a social life and making sure that I’m happy as a human, too.

Here are some of my favorite things that have helped me learn how to sparkle from the inside over the years:

Figuring out your love for exercise.

Running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


I get it: running isn’t for everyone. However, I think it’s important to find what you love to get your sweat on and stay active. Maybe it’s yoga. Or perhaps you like organized sports. Your jam may be biking. Whatever it may be, try out some new things and get an idea of what you get excited about. Once you figure out what you love to do when it comes to exercising, it makes your workouts that much more fun.


Understanding what your body needs to be happy.

Lemon ice | Crazy Running Girl


Every time one of my friends tells me that they are going on a crazy diet where they are restricting calories and cutting out certain foods, it makes me sad — because I know that a) they aren’t nourishing their bodies that they need to and b) it most likely means they will end up back at the same place where they started. 

For me, I’ve learned how to eat when I’m hungry, practice portion control and ignore the foods that don’t agree with my body (like ice cream). It’s amazing how those three things have helped me so much — even with losing 15 pounds last year. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t mean that you can never indulge.


Spend some time by yourself.

Kayaking the Upper Chain in Waupaca, WI | Crazy Running Girl


I really think that this is probably the hardest thing on this list in today’s crazy world. We have access to all the information we could possibly ever need at our fingertips, and on top of that, constant access to friends, family and even strangers through social media.

Disconnect. Put your phone away. Grab a book, head to the park or meditate. Bake some of your favorite foods, go for a walk without your phone or pick up a craft. Figuring out how you can spend some time on your own to appreciate you and your thoughts can be a game-changer in your health. It feels weird, I know, especially if you are a busy person — but it will make you feel more refreshed and relaxed.


Learning how to love yourself.

You must learn to love yourself | Crazy Running Girl


This one can be a tricky one, and one that doesn’t happen overnight. Learning to love yourself takes time and appreciation of you for you. Yes, it sounds silly that you need to love yourself, but if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else? 

Once you pick up the other things on this list, it becomes a little bit more natural — but at the same time, I think it requires some reflection to understand if you are happy. Can you look at your life and think man, I wouldn’t change a thing! This is amazing.? Or, do you look at it and feel like there are some things that you need to change to make yourself a better person — and love yourself a little more?

It requires building up your self-confidence and knowing that the healthy activities that you do in your life don’t necessarily have to do with changing you as a person, but rather, supporting your confidence and goals in life. Once you do figure out how to love yourself, it makes life so much more enjoyable — it’s a journey that I have been on for a few years now and I feel like I finally turned a corner a few years ago, and it simplifies so many things.


Checking out mineral water.

 Ready to join the #SparklingDetox | Crazy Running Girl

Next week, Gerolsteiner is kicking off its #SparklingDetox with the goal to help you stay well hydrated and learn the benefits of mineral water. Mineral water contains natural minerals like calcium and magnesium to help your cells operate at optimal health. Many of the minerals that you find in mineral water are not naturally made by the body, thus, drinking this type of water makes it easy to get these essential nutrients.


Are you ready to join in? To participate, join the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Facebook group. All you have to do from September 11-15 is commit to drinking only Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water — 1.5-2 liters per day (say goodbye to soda and alcohol!) — and feel the benefits. Learn where you can find Gerolsteiner mineral water near you.



How do you sparkle from the inside? Any other tips to share?




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