Happy Friday! Today also marks the 12th annual Run@Work Day, which is annual day hosted by the RRCA to encourage adults (and kids, too!) to get 30 minutes of exercise a day. I love the idea of this and it’s such a great initiative to get people moving while at work. 

I think one of the hardest things about balancing running with your work schedule is that it can be quite unpredictable. You never know when a last-minute deadline is going to pop up, or how a work trip is going to impact your training plan. I know I always have good intentions when I’m traveling for work to workout, but some days, it just does not happen. 

So, in honor of Run@Work day, I’m sharing my five tips for how you can balance running with work — today and any day. 


1. Plan out your week in advance. 

This is probably the best tip (maybe that’s why it’s #1) that I’ve ever learned. Generally I have a good idea of what my week looks like by Sunday, so if I know that I need to get up early for work one morning, or if I have something that will keep me out late, I can figure out what my workout schedule needs to look like. I try to be as fluid as I can with what days I do what (but not stacking really hard workouts) so that I can squeeze everything in. 

2. Try out a runch!

I know that these are hard depending on where you work, like if you have access to showers or even if you get a lunch, but runches have become one of my favorite things! It’s such a great stress reliever in the middle of the day, and you can use ShowerPill so you can freshen up afterwards (plus dry shampoo… ;)). 

3. Make it social

The one thing I struggle with is that work takes up a lot of time during the week, and when you are running all the miles, it makes it even harder to see your favorite people. Make it a social event… go for a run with one of your friends, or a group of them.

4. Break it into chunks

I just discovered two a days (I know, where have I been?!) and it’s been amazing. Instead of trying to squeeze in a 10 miler before or after work, it makes it so much easier to do two 5ers. Plus, it teaches your muscles how to survive on dead legs… which is always a great thing on race day!

5. Remember to be flexible 

I know, there’s nothing worse than having some important workouts on the calendar and missing them… because of a work deadline or having to stay late. Don’t get mad about it, it’s just part of life and honestly, I think this is why training schedules are as long as they are… so that when that kinda stuff happens, you don’t get super far behind. 


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