Ahh Monday already!!

This weekend was packed with a lot of fun stuff, so let me break it down. 

On Friday, I grabbed happy hour with my friend Kelly who was in town for the weekend. We were random roommates our freshman year of college, and somehow ended up liking each other. She is also a marathoner (3:11 PR!!) and so it’s fun to be able to break down everything about running without someone thinking you are a nut job. 

Playing Catan | Crazy Running Girl

That night, I headed over to a friend’s house to play some games —> Catan, of course, followed by Ticket to Ride. I think that may be up there in my favorite games list! I love finding new board games and my list of favorites to play are getting so long. 

On Saturday, I did something really cool and fun — for a friend’s birthday, we played Survivor. Yes, the TV show in real life!! It was amazing the amount of planning and preparation that went into this; it was absolutely amazing!! We had Tribal Council, made alliances and even had an eating challenge where people had to eat some fun stuff like sardines and jalapeno pickled eggs (I was supposed to be the last eater, and would’ve lucked out with a caramel apple).

Anyways, I ended up not making it very far and was voted off in the middle… but it was fun to watch the rest of the challenges and see who won. SUCH a cool idea and different way to celebrate a birthday. I really wish I would’ve done a better job of taking pictures because there were a lot of cool things that made up the day. 

And to cap off the weekend… Sunday had two really fun things. First, a Twins game with Kelly!


I absolutely LOVE that I live just a few blocks away from this stadium — it makes going to games super easy (this was actually my second Twins game for the week + I made it to a Vikings game last Monday, too!). 

Lastly, I headed over to Mill City Running for a special event with Gabe Grunewald. You guys may have heard her story, she was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time in eight years but continued to run through it this summer (check out THIS article). 


We watched her newly released documentary about her battle with cancer/quest to keep going, and had a Q&A with her afterwards. She is a native Minnesotan and went to the University of Minnesota… fellow Gopher! I think she may be one of the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life, the fact that she can tell her story, continue to race and do it all with a smile on her face is incredible. I cannot even imagine how scary it must be to be in her shoes right now and she is fighting like a BOSS. If you want to check out her documentary, I highly recommend… here’s the link on YouTube


And I can’t even believe it: I leave for Canada this THURSDAY. I have no idea where the time went and how this crept up so fast, but wow!

It’s here. 

More posts this week about what I’m packing, how I’m feeling and what my race goals look like… but make sure you’re following me on Instagram! We have some plans for some hikes while we’re there, so all of my pictures of the beautiful Rockies will be on Instagram with recaps up on the blog next week! EEK!

P.S. In case you missed it, I kicked off a super awesome giveaway on the blog on Friday –> check it out HERE


What was your favorite moment of your weekend? 


Survivor fans? Have you watched every season? 

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