Hey guys! Tomorrow I am headed to the airport to go to Canada for the Golden Ultra. TOMORROW! I do not know how this happened or where the time went but, it’s here and time to prepare! 

I have been thinking about what I’m going to pack for a few weeks, and the one thing I struggle with –> my clothing choices. However, today I’m going to share my ultramarathon packing list. (P.S. I posted some Insta stories last night sharing my top 5 items… so check that out, too!)


Orange Mud Endurance Pack

Trying out my Orange Mud Endurance Pack | Crazy Running Girl


I put a poll out on the interwebs and asked everyone what they thought was the best hydration pack and the consensus? Orange Mud! I purchased the endurance pack and I’m so happy that I did, you can stuff so much stuff in here so it’ll be good to be able to carry extra layers along the way. 


My Trekking Poles!

Prepping for my first ultra | Crazy Running Girl


I tried these out and love how well they fit on my endurance pack, and the fact that they don’t even move while I’m running. I could really tell the difference of how much they helped on the uphill (and I think they will be good for the downhill as well).  



Snacking on PROBAR Bolt | Crazy Running Girl


I mean, I am a runner so food is definitely the top of my list! There are aid stations throughout the race, but I will be bringing my own food supplies. Obviously, my own water plus:



Trail running | Crazy Running Girl


I will be bringing several pairs of shoes with me for the ultra. From what I’ve read, the bag drops are really helpful for packing extra pairs of shoes to make sure that your feet stay dry in case it rains (and Mother Nature is so unpredictable!). I will be bringing my Calderas, Mazamas and Cascadias.

Right now, I’m planning on running in my Cascadias on Saturday unless that changes / Mazamas on Friday / and Calderas on Sunday. I may also pack my old trustee Glycerins *just in case* I need to run in the Calderas on Saturday too, and they get wet for whatever reason. 


Goodr Sunglasses

Rocking my Goodr Sunglasses | Crazy Running Girl

After reading some rave reviews on people’s blogs, I decided to take the plunge and get some Goodr sunglasses. Seriously, I cannot believe that these babies are only $25, each! I will be rocking my new sunglasses on the trails because I may have the most sensitive eyes known to man so even though it’ll be cold, my eyes will still be angry if I don’t have some shade for them. 🙂 

My Garmin 

Rocking the Garmin Forerunner 230 | Crazy Running Girl


Even though my Garmin Forerunner 230 and I have only been friends for a few weeks now, we are the best of buds and I hope that I can get a great signal up on the mountain to track my race so I can overanalyze the data afterwards (no, us runners never do that!). I’ll also be carrying my phone with me, but my Garmin will be what I use to see how I compare with my race plan. 


This Jacket from Brooks

Winter running in the Brooks Cascadia Jacket | Crazy Running Girl


Ahh I LOVE THIS JACKET!! I will probably not start running in this jacket, but it will definitely be something I pack in my pack and pull out if it gets a little cold during the Saturday race. 


Lots of Layers

Winter thermal vest from Brooks Running in pink | Crazy Running Girl

In the morning, it’s supposed to be in the 30s, so I have a feeling that it’s going to be chilly up on the mountain! I know that I’m going to try to squeeze in some extra layers in my pack, and will probably include some in my drop bag too.

So far, I’m thinking I’ll definitely have a long sleeve and my running vest, plus maybe another jacket or two. Oh! And can’t forget my hat and gloves (these are required by race organizers… as well as a jacket!). 


And that’s about it! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on the race — how I’m feeling with just a few days to go — tomorrow! In the meantime, I’m linking up with Susie, Rachel and Debbie for Running Coaches’ Corner —> 


Anything else I should stuff in my suitcase? 

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