Hey guys! I’m up in Canada, and getting ready to kick off the Golden Ultra race weekend with the Vertical K tonight. Stay tuned with all of my adventures on Instagram!

It definitely feels like fall up in Canada (at least on the eastern side of the country!), but not so much in Minneapolis. I’m hoping that the fall weather finally comes our way over the next few weeks because I’m ready for it! In honor of that, I’m linking up with Rachel to share my top five favorite fall activities. 

1. Running

Fall running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Duh! Is this even a question? Ha, I think out of all the seasons I love fall running the best. The weather is comfortable, there are some great races (case in point) and I love how you can layer up without getting too hot. 


2. Hiking

What are your favorite fall activities? | Crazy Running Girl

I do love to hike all year round, but fall hiking has to be my favorite. I love seeing the fall leaves and plus, fall has such a distinct smell in the air? It’s awesome.

And on those days when it’s not too chilly, I love that I can rock some of my favorite athleisure gear items — like the Harlene top from prAna — that has a stylish fit and still has a comfortable fit that you can do a little sweating in it without it being obvious. 😉 

3. Fishing!

Fall fishing | Crazy Running Girl


Fishing in the summer is a great time, but sometimes you get sick of sweating… and that’s where fall fishing comes in. Hoodies in the boat? Yes please. Plus, the rumor is that it’s a little easier to catch that muskie… so maybe, just maybe, it’ll finally happen. 😉 

4. Reading

I love reading in the fall | Crazy Running Girl


I love getting cozy and reading a great book (and I have plenty to choose from with my BOTM subscription)… especially on those days when it’s a little dreary and blustery outside. These Roxanne leggings from prAna are so comfortable that it makes it tough to want to get up off the couch and do something else (plus I love that I can wear them doing activities #1 and #2 and they work just as well for when I’m feeling a little lazy ;)).

5. Watching Football!


Anyone who knows me knows that my Sundays are generally filled with watching football… and maybe my Thursday and Monday nights too. This year, I’m in a few fantasy leagues and keeping up with daily fantasy, too. That being said, if it is a gorgeous day on a Sunday, I’m not opposed to watching the highlights instead of spending the entire day inside…


Ready to stock up on your favorite prAna items for fall? Use my coupon code FALJ15 to save 15%!

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