Hey guys! I’m back from Canada, can barely walk and am still amazed that this weekend happened. I mean, check out these views: 

Views from Day 2 of the Golden Ultra | Crazy Running Girl


This wasn’t even all the way to the top of the mountain; I would say this was about 11 miles in and the climb had just begun. 

I have a lot to share with you guys —> I’ll be recapping the races for the rest of the week and sharing some of our hiking adventures over the next few weeks. 

Yes, in addition to running 82 km, I did some hiking! I mean, how can you not? This was probably the craziest one, on our way back to Calgary on Sunday, we basically climbed another mountain. 

Climbing Ha Ling Peak | Crazy Running Girl


I think it actually helped my legs from not hurting as much as I thought they would… but yesterday was absolutely brutal! The running high lasted all weekend, so I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night and I paid for it yesterday. I did get a LOT of sleep last night to make up for it, but feel like I could sleep for another 10 hours. 

Lastly —> thank YOU for all of your support, kind words, texts, emails, etc… all of it! It was so great to know that I had so much support behind me when I was alone in the woods for a few hours by myself on Saturday. I am proud to say that I never thought about quitting… I’m not sure if it just felt like it wasn’t an option (since we were on a mountain) or if my mind truly never reached that point. 

Oh! And my biggest worry… bears! I didn’t encounter any. But on his way down from the mountain and seeing me at the top, the boyfriend did see a mama bear and her cubs — about 15′ off the course. So, they were there — I think I would’ve freaked out if I did see them! 

Anyways, more to come this week! Stay tuned. 🙂


Tell me about your weekend! 

Have you been to Canada? What was your favorite hike? 

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