And here we are, heading into September! I was talking to one of my friends this weekend and it feels like I blinked and September was over. I’m not quite sure what happened to the entire month, but I do know that there was lots of fun to be had! Including…

Doing some fall fishing…

Fall fishing | Crazy Running Girl


Enjoying some time at the pool on random hot days… 

Are you doing the #SparklingDetox? | Crazy Running Girl


Hitting the trails for a run (or two)… 

Trying out my Orange Mud Endurance Pack | Crazy Running Girl


Hearing Gabe’s story first hand… 


Cheering on the Twins with an old friend… 


Hiking the mountains in Canada…

Emerald Basin, Yoho National Park | Crazy Running Girl


Freaking out about my first ultra and first stage series… and first international race… (seriously all the firsts!)

The Golden Ultra race packet pick up | Crazy Running Girl


Finishing my FIRST ultra!!!

Golden Ultra FINISHER! | Crazy Running Girl


Exploring Canada with more hiking… 

Climbing Ha Ling Peak | Crazy Running Girl


And of course, lots and LOTS of running! This was one of my highest mile months so far this year, even though I did miss a few runs due to work and life and all that jazz. 

And my September 2017 miles are... | Crazy Running Girl

That brings my total miles for the year up to 1,389.51 miles… that means I am just seven miles short of being able to run from Minneapolis all the way to Seattle! Otherwise, I could head to 



  • Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon: 
    • Half Marathon PR (1:41.24): Door County Half Marathon
    • 5k: TBD. I was planning on running one next weekend, but ended up registering for the 10k. So to be continued… maybe I’ll find another 5k to attempt this month. 🙂   
  • Strength train at least two times per week: After the ultra, I kinda tamed down on this and didn’t do much strength training during recovery. But, back at it in October! I could tell that this helped me a LOT in the ultra so I need to keep it up! 
    • January = C
    • February = C
    • March = C
    • April = D
    • May = B+
    • June = C
    • July = B+
    • August = A
    • September = B
  • Get my age of money up to 45 days: I’m getting there! My AOM keeps creeping up little by little, so I hope I can hit this goal by the end of the year!. Check out that age of money growth… yess! If you are interested in YNAB, use my link and you can get a free month!   
    • January = 15 days
    • February = 34 days 
    • March = 36 days
    • April = 31 days
    • May = 26 days
    • June = 12 days
    • July = 19 days
    • August = 26 days
    • September = 28 days





My travel schedule has slowed down quite a bit, which means lots of time in Minnesota to enjoy the fall! I absolutely love fall so this makes me happy. That means I have a few priorities this month: 

1) Lots of football! It’s been a weird football season so far this year, so I hope it evens out. But, go Pack go!!

2) Catch a muskie! I would LOVE to catch a muskie. After being close-ish the past few times I’ve gone out, this must happen this month… even if it’s a tiny little thing!

3) Train for the Indianapolis Marathon! This is just around the corner and of course, I’d love to PR! That means I need to work on my speed, so I’m hoping that some of my upcoming races will help make that happen. 


What were your favorite moments from September? What are you looking forward to in October?

What’s the last new thing you tried? 

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