It’s been a flurry of race recaps over the past week or so, and it’s not going to end! I have another race tomorrow (the 10k version of the Allina Woods Classic 5k that I ran last year) and I’m super excited because it’s going to be perfect fall weather (even with the chance of rain). 

Anyways! On to the 2017 TC 10 Mile race recap. This is the first time I’ve run this race… you have to enter by lottery and it can be tricky to get in (although I’ve heard that if you sign up as a team, it’s a little bit easier). I decided that the marathon would be too much just one week after The Golden Ultra, and even though I did have some major race FOMO, I was happy that I chose the 10 Mile when my hamstrings started crying halfway through the race. 

I went to packet pickup on Friday; it’s all the way in St. Paul and I’m pretty sure I went to St. Paul more this weekend than I have all year so far. It’s funny because St. Paul is only like 15ish? minutes away from Minneapolis, but it’s hard to venture over there because Minneapolis has so many things to see. Anyways, I went with Carla and we cruised around the expo pretty quickly. The good thing with running the 10 Mile is that there’s not a ton of gear branded for those runners… so it kept me from buying too much. 😉

On Saturday, Brooks held a special lunch to gear up for the launch of the Brooks Levitate

Getting ready for the Brooks Infinite Energy Mile! | Crazy Running Girl


It was delicious and awesome to chat about the upcoming race weekend! 

Flat CRG ready for the TC 10 Mile | Crazy Running Girl


On Sunday, I woke up around 5 a.m.-ish and slowly got ready… it was raining a little bit and I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the start. I took the train (it was free for runners and a 5 minute walk from my apartment), and got to the start around 6:15 a.m. I checked a bag for possibly the first time ever in my racing career, and headed over to corral A… and was the ONLY person! It was about 30 minutes before the race, so it felt weird to be there all by myself. 

It started to fill up pretty quickly, and I ran into Jen and Shannon, who I had met the day before. They are both running Chicago Marathon this weekend; with Shannon going for a PR so she had strict requirements from her coach on what she could run. Jen and I set out together, and it was perfect to have a running buddy for the race — especially when my hamstrings started screaming. 

From downtown, you turn onto West River Parkway, which is legit where I run most days, so I was happy to see it (even if it was hills!) and then head up on Franklin Avenue bridge, which is where the marathon course goes… and we also had to run up pesky Summit. 😉

Summit Avenue isn’t that terrible of a hill, but the placement on the course for the marathon makes it super hard. We saw the cheer station that we’d be joining later in the day, and continued up Summit until we got to the *summit* (ha, maybe that’s where the name came from)… and we had about 1.5 miles to go. Jen and I were still chatting along — I can’t wait to see our race pictures because I think we looked like we were having too much fun (which actually caused one guy to yell at us to go faster, since if we were chatting so much, we weren’t running hard enough). 

One of my favorite things about this course is how you get to run downhill to the finish… feels so good after Summit! I crazily had the idea that I may have a chance to PR my 10 mile time, and it was at this moment with about .75 to go, I realized that I had already passed that… oh well. Maybe a different race when my legs are recovered? 

I finished in 1:21.36, which isn’t that far off of my PR (less than two minutes)! So I was super happy with it. 

2017 TC 10 Mile Finishers! | Crazy Running Girl


And so thankful for running with Jen! There was one point where I told her I was going to probably slow down, so she should go ahead, and she just responded with a “no.” Ha, it was great motivation!

Brooks Infinite Energy Cheer Station | Crazy Running Girl


After the race, we headed to the Infinite Energy Mile with Brooks, just before mile 22, and spent a few hours cheering on the runners. I swear this is the best place where you can find inspiration. 

What You Need to Know about the TC 10 Mile

  • It is a lottery. So, I joined as a team with my friend Alex, and I think that made it a little easier to get in (maybe? who knows). Be prepared that you may not get in if you apply. 
  • Even though it’s a smaller field, it’s still packed. It was pretty busy for the first three miles, so I think if you were going for a PR, you would have some weaving to do. 
  • There are some people cheering but not a ton. Some people do come out for the TC 10 Mile, but because it starts so much earlier than the marathon, there aren’t as many people cheering as the full. 
  • I LOVE the gear. OMG the medal and the shirt, honestly, they were amazing designs this year! I think this medal may be one of my favorites. 
  • This time of year is PERFECT for running in Minneapolis. Yes, sometimes it gets hot, but honestly, this is my favorite type of running weather and for the TC 10 Mile that starts at 7 a.m.? It’s amazing weather, you get to watch the sunrise and you finish with plenty of time to enjoy the day!

2017 TC 10 Mile Medal... isn't it gorgeous? | Crazy Running Girl


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