Last year, I ran the Autumn Woods Classic 5k and it was such a great post-marathon race with perfect weather, so I really wanted to do it again. I think I already mentioned this, but because of some registration snafu, I could only get the 10k registration to work. It had been awhile since I’d done a 10k (forgetting my reasonings behind that), so I figured it was about time so I registered for the Autumn Woods Classic 10k

Given how fun and fast the TC 10 Miler ended up, I had high hopes for this race… thinking that maybe I was in good enough shape to beat my old PR, which really isn’t that fast.

P.S., when you go to running coach training, they share with you a chart that shows what a runner’s paces should be… like if you run this 5k time, then this is what your 10k, half, marathon, etc. times should look like. I for some reason am an anomaly to this because I somehow run the same pace for all the races. I haven’t quite figured out whether this is a speed or a mental issue, or maybe both. 

Anyways! I picked up my packet on Thursday from the local running store, and it was crazy how there was no security. I know, super local, small race, but literally walked in and grabbed my packet off the table. Definitely a different feeling than the hoops you have to jump through for a marathon. 🙂

The 10k wasn’t until 10:30 on Saturday, so I took my time to get out to the park, which is about 25ish minutes away from my place in downtown Minneapolis. I sat in the car until about 10 minutes for the race, hit the port-a-potty, and went to the start. 

For the first mile, I felt pretty amazing! My thinking was that for this race, I could start slower and speed up towards the end, if my body allowed it, so I was happy that my first mile was 7:34. 

Autumn Woods Classic 10k | Crazy Running Girl


The second mile rolled into some hills and my hamstrings were not quite as happy about that. They felt a little rough when I was running the TC 10 Mile, but I literally felt like someone was trying to pull me backwards. And so that continued for the next four-ish miles, at which time my pace continued to drop and I felt more and more frustrated. Here are what my splits looked like:

Mile 1 – 7:34
Mile 2 – 7:45
Mile 3 – 8:04
Mile 4 – 8:16
Mile 5 – 8:05
Mile 6 – 8:18
Last .2 – 8:09

Average pace: 8:01


In true fashion, I ran this at my ideal marathon pace… which is fitting, right? Ha! Anyways, it was filled with a few more hills than I expected (but some fun downhills) and it was absolutely beautiful. There was one part where we were surrounded by yellow leaves — one of my favorite parts of fall, the leaves changing. 

I mostly spent this race in my head, cursing how much I hate 10ks and swearing that I’ll never run one again. I may eat my words, but we’ll see. 

Fall running in the Brooks Levitate | Crazy Running Girl


What You Need to Know About the Autumn Classic 10k

  • It’s a pretty small race! And I like that. Most of the course is run on paved roads, with some cuts across grass and over wooden bridges (which were really slippery that morning!). 
  • Last year, they gave us some really nice tech long-sleeve tees, but this year, they went the cotton route, which I was a little disappointed in… the price seemed to be the same so I’m not sure why this was cut back on. 
  • They do have a few other races with this — a 5k, a kid’s run. They also have a health festival, so if you have kids, it is a fun thing to do with the entire family!

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