It happens. I would say it’s completely normal. 

And, it can hit at any time. When it does hit, though, it can be devastating and a little surprising. 

What is it? Falling out of love with running. 


I would say that I’m definitely there.


I’ve been in this place before, usually blaming it on burn out and finding ways to beat it, and moving on. But I feel like this time is a little bit more serious. 

No, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up running! It just means that I have some goals that I need to shift (especially for the upcoming Indianapolis Marathon) and to switch my focus so I can get back to enjoying running instead of feeling like I have to go out for that run. 

That being said, let’s talk a little about how you can tell if you’re falling out of love with running. 

Symptoms of Losing Your Love for Running

You put off your runs as long as you can. Instead of jumping out of bed (who am I kidding, I don’t think I ever jump out of bed) in the morning to go for a run, you figure out an excuse to slip it in later during the day. And when that time comes? You find another excuse to push it some more. Let’s just say, I’ve spent more time cleaning in the past few weeks than before. 😉

It doesn’t bother you when you can’t run. Remember those days when you’re injured where you are just DYING to get out for a run, and it feels like torture that you can’t? Yeah, that doesn’t seem to happen when you’ve lost your love for running. Missing days almost feels like a relief. 

It feels like a chore. This is probably the biggest thing for me, it just doesn’t feel enjoyable but rather something that I have to get done. I miss the days of having those RunHappy moments… I know they’ll come back though, keep reading. 🙂 


How to Find Your Love for Running Again 

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years since I started running (omg, it’s been like 20 years) is that you need to give yourself a break. When you’re starting to feel burnt out; when you just don’t have that zest to get out there and run; it means that your mind needs a break from it all. 

And during that break, figure out what caused you to feel burnt out in the first place. Maybe it’s overtraining, maybe it’s a life event that’s causing you to feel “meh” about everything (I’m kinda the opposite of everyone when it comes to using running as a stress reliever when life gets crazy; I tend to NOT want to run because it just doesn’t motivate me.)

So, I think I’ve figured out why I’m so meh about my favorite thing these days:

After a rough training cycle for The Golden Ultra, I took less than a week off and jumped right back to racing — with the TC 10 Miler and then the Autumn Woods Classic 10k. Not to mention that the Autumn Woods Classic 10k was a complete and utter trainwreck. I have the Indianapolis Marathon 17 days away, so it’s less than ideal to be “meh” about running… 

Coming in to finish Day 3 of the Golden Ultra | Crazy Running Girl


However, since it’s all about overtraining, I know taking a step back and running what feels comfortable, and when I want to run, it’ll help me fall back in love with running. 

Plus, some other things:

  • Having a REALLY good run. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a great run, it makes me so excited to run again. This has NOT been happening, and I think this contributes to it all. 
  • Being able to have a runzen moment. Runzen is my made up word for when you finish a run and literally have no idea what you thought about during the entire run. I love runs like this! It’s been awhile since this (I’ve been literally looking at my watch every .07 miles lately.) 
  • Trying new trails. I tend to run the same trail over and over again, and I think that trying a new trail makes it feel like a new adventure and way more fun! Last week’s run was definitely the most fun I’ve had in awhile. 


That being said, here’s to finding my love for the sport once again (and hopefully before I have to tackle 26.2…)! 

Progress is rarely... | Crazy Running Girl


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Have you ever fallen out of love with running?

What are you tips for falling back in love with running again? 

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